Life Group Discussion Study by Amanda Saenz
Knox – Clem Fung 27th & 28th November
Casey – Paulos Djini 18th November
Manningham – Jonathon Rodwell 28th November
Whittlesea – Shelley Ligtermoet 14th November

Leaders Note
As City Life continues to make strategic plans to move from being a church of addition, into a church of multiplication, we want to consider how we can be a church that multiplies at every level: 
discipleship | leadership | churches | network | movement.

This Hero Maker series will help us learn and implement the multiplication principles in easy to understand language using easy to apply tools. This series will also specifically help us see greater levels of multiplication at both the discipleship and leadership levels to see us continue to multiply at the churches, network and movement levels.

Through this series, we will unpack the very practices and tools (as modelled by Jesus) that we can each apply to shift from being the heroes to being Hero Makers. Each tool and practice will assist us in drawing out the gifts within each other and as we champion each other to be all God has created us to be, we will see His Kingdom come and His will done.

Optional Pre-work: If you have a copy of the ‘Hero Maker’ book by Dave Ferguson, you could read the ‘Disciple Multiplying’ chapter.

If you did the ‘See It’ LG Discussion notes, get each person to share how they went having two ICNU conversations. Reflect on what was learnt and observed by using this simple tool.

We want to: Share not just what we know, but also share our lives and invest in the development of others.

Discussion Questions
• Who was a big spiritual influence in your life? 
• In what ways did this person’s influence involve ideas or practices of multiplication?

We see ‘Share It’ (Disciple Multiplying) in the life of Jesus as he spent three years primarily with twelve people (John 3:22). He modelled Disciple multiplying by sharing His life and investing into the development of his disciples who would make other disciples. The Five-Step Apprenticeship tool (which we will go through later) will make it easy for anyone to implement this practice. This tool has the power to multiply movements of disciple makers.
• John 3:22 – a seemingly mundane and easily overlooked statement. Jesus spent time with his disciples
• Mark 3:12-15 – an example where Jesus 'rubbed off' on his disciples

The greek word for “spend time” (diatribo) in John 3:22 means 'to rub against' or 'to rub off'. It means 'to spend time together rubbing off on each other’. Even Jesus (God in the flesh) didn’t try to change the world on his own. Jesus ‘diatribo-ed’ others. Jesus spent three years mainly with twelve people – people he wanted to be in a relationship with. As we share what we know to help others follow Jesus, we also share our lives and invest in the development of those, who then, go on to do the same.

Discussion Question
• How important is the idea of ‘diatribo’ for you? How important should it be for each disciple of Jesus? 
• When talking about ‘diatribo’, which statement is more true for you: “I do it if I have time” or “It’s how I do ministry”? Explain.

Five-Step Apprenticeship Tool (based on Jesus' ministry)
It’s helpful to memorise this Hero Making tool and as you put it into practice each day you will understand the simple rhythm it has and why it’s so easy to apply. Imagine yourself doing it with someone as you read through each step.

1. I do, you watch
2. I do, you help
3. You do, I help
4. You do, I watch
5. You do, someone else watches

• Mark 3:13-14 – disciple multipliers start with the few, not the many
• 2 Timothy 2:2 – Paul talks to Timothy about multiplication

Like Paul shares with Timothy (and with us) in 2 Timothy 2:2, that if we want to see disciples made in all nations – a movement of kingdom multiplication – it will happen through apprenticeship. Through being spirit-led and committed to the mission, our lives can have an impact. But when we add the reproducing piece and even multiplying through apprenticeship, that is when an exponential impact is possible. That's when we begin to see a movement of hero makers. When we start by doing ‘diatribo’ discipleship and use the Hero Making apprenticeship tool which is modelled by Jesus, we extend the impact far beyond our church or city.

Key elements to applying the Hero Maker ‘Share It’ element it:
1. Hero Makers start with the few, not the many (Mark 3:13-14)
2. Hero Makers prioritize relationships, not curriculum (Mark 3:14) 
3. Hero Makers focus on sending capacity over seating capacity (Mark 3:14-15)
4. Hero Makers hand off authority, rather than hold onto it (Mark 3:15)

Now, ask yourself:
• Who are some people you could apprentice using the ‘Five-Step Apprenticeship Tool’ above, starting today? 
• Can you name some people your apprentice might be able to go on and apprentice using the same tool?

Share with the group who you plan to lead through the ‘Five-Step Apprenticeship Tool’, starting today, for accountability.

Lord, we come with hearts and hands open to doing whatever you ask of us. Help us to focus on the few people you have carefully placed in our world that you want us to apprentice. Help us to keep relationships and releasing people the main focus of everything we do and show us what we need to do to be true Hero Makers. Thank you for showing us through your life how we can easily apply your kingdom multiplication principles. Continue to stretch our imagination of what you can do in and through us and help us to share our lives with others, without reserve. Help us where we lack faith or lack trust in you and show us the ways in which you want us to be Hero Makers in our everyday lives as we join you at work. Amen.
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