Life Group Discussion Study by Amanda Saenz
Knox – Andrew Chisholm 20th & 21st November
Casey – Julian Ham 14th November
Manningham – Godwin Shim 21st November
Whittlesea – Sam Grimshaw 21st November

Leaders Note
As City Life continues to make strategic plans to move from being a church of addition, into a church of multiplication, we want to consider how we can be a church that multiplies at every level: 
discipleship | leadership | churches | network | movement.

This Hero Maker series will help us learn and implement the multiplication principles in easy to understand language using easy to apply tools. This series will also specifically help us see greater levels of multiplication at both the discipleship and leadership levels to see us continue to multiply at the churches, network and movement levels.

Through this series, we will unpack the very practices and tools (as modelled by Jesus) that we can each apply to shift from being the heroes to being Hero Makers. Each tool and practice will assist us in drawing out the gifts within each other and as we champion each other to be all God has created us to be, we will see His Kingdom come and His will done.

Optional Pre-work: If you have a copy of the ‘Hero Maker’ book by Dave Ferguson, you could read the ‘Permission Giving’ chapter.

If you did the ‘Think It’ LG Discussion notes, get each person to share their Dream Napkin and describe their dreams. Get them to reflect to the group on what happened when their dream was multiplied.

We want to: Take the focus off our own leadership and start seeing it in those around you. Note: Leadership happens anywhere we influence another person.

We find the ‘See It’ (Permission Giving) in the life of Jesus when he says to a group of working class misfits ‘Come and Follow Me’ (Matt 4:19). They never expected a rabbi to see them worth teaching and leading. But Jesus saw in them as a group that could change the world. The ICNU tool (which we will go through later) will show how each of us can help others see the potential in themselves they never saw before, and in doing so, each of us can give them permission to reach their full God-given potential. This is another way we are Hero Makers.

• Matthew 4:19 – Jesus calls his disciples to follow him, sending them out to fish for people
• Mark 6:30-44 - Jesus modelled permission-giving 'You feed them!'
• Matt 17:14-21 - Jesus modelled permission-giving 'You try casting out the demons!’
• Luke 10:1-3 - Jesus modelled permission-giving 'You go out and share the gospel!’

Discussion Question
• What did you notice about each of these scriptures? How was Jesus modelling a permission-giving invitation to his disciples?

I-C-N-U (I See In You) Tool
This is a permission giving tool, that takes us away from leading with a ‘no’ to calling out greatness in another person and giving them room to use their God-given gifts. By simply saying ‘yes’ it means that you are giving others permission and blessing to be used in the Jesus mission. This is a tool that everyone can use to affirm and encourage someone else. It makes a huge difference when someone else takes the time to see something in you and to call that out in you. Most people haven’t grown up in a family in which they experienced this, nor do they work in an environment where this happens. Creating an ‘ICNU’ culture helps others have the confidence to step forward and give things a go. This is how we use the simple ICNU tool: 
1. Pray for God to help you see the ‘God Potential’ in others
2. Approach the person/people that God has shown you
3. All you do is say “I see {blank} in you. Fill in the blank with the appropriate affirmation. Paint a clear picture of what you see in them and maybe even talk to them about the role you are proposing – remember you can always invite others to join the team with you and disciple them through the process. This is all about releasing others to use their gifts.
Note: if you want to invite them to join a team, it is wise to involve the relevant Team Leaders/staff in what you are thinking and be open to their guidance before you have any ICNU conversations.
4. Be passionate!

Discussion Question
• Share about a life-transforming I-C-N-U affirmation that you’ve received. Tell how you felt and what has come from that experience.
• Describe an I-C-N-U conversation that you’ve initiated with someone else. How did you feel as it happened? What happened in that person’s life or ministry?

The single biggest obstacle to movement-making impact is someone who is always stuck needing to be the hero. For most, it’s tough to give up that status. The challenge is to not let the story become about me, my leadership, or even my church. It’s always about the kingdom and championing others to reach their God-given potential. By being the hero, we block other people from the privilege and joy of using their faith or serving using their gifts, talents and abilities. And when we are busy being the hero, we are not being the hero-maker. Championing another person and helping them see their God-given dreams fulfilled is something anyone can do and has the potential to become explosive as it gets replicated in the lives of many. We want to create a ‘platform’ to fully engage in God’s mission and then invite others to stand on it. We want to lead with a ‘yes’ to other people’s potential, to their gifts, and to the way God is working in them.
• John 1:44–51 - Jesus’ call to Nathanael

Discussion Question
• In what ways is Jesus’ interaction with Nathanael an I-C-N-U conversation? 
• What impact do you think it had on Nathanael? 
• What do you think Jesus meant when he told Nathanael, “You will see greater things…?”

Prayerfully select someone you can you approach with an I-C-N-U affirmation. Ideally, pick someone you haven’t ever (or recently) affirmed at this level. 
• Who is it? 
• What will you say?

Aim to have two ICNU conversations between now and when you meet next and reflect with the group about what you learnt and observed.

Lord, we ask that you open our eyes to see the potential you have created within each person around us. Help us to have boldness to step out and affirm each other, to call out greatness, to speak life into others and to create room for others. Lord, give us your words to speak into another person’s life and keep our hearts and eyes focussed on building for your kingdom. Show us those special and unique gifts within each person and help us find the ways in which you want us to be Hero Makers in our everyday lives as we join you at work. Amen. 
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