Joshua Chapter 3

When we need to cross over a busy crowded street or road because our destination lies on the other side there are steps we must follow to ensure we crossover safely to the other side. When God caused the Nation of Israel to cross over out of the wilderness after 40 years and into the ‘No Limits Future’ he had for them in Promised Land they also had to follow steps given to them by God so all could crossover.

In this discussion will look at two steps to follow and one thing to remember in order that we all crossover safely into the no limits future God has for each of us, our life-group and our CityLife congregations at all sites.

Why was it important that the Nation of Israel kept theirs eyes focused on God?  (Some suggested answers)
• They had never been this way before.
• Only God knew where and how they were to cross over.
• There was a limiting factor in place that was hindering them crossing over. The River was in flood stage and they needed God to give them a strategy and make a way for them to cross the river.
• God wanted them to focus on him and his presence and not upon the circumstances.

What are some lifestyle habits or rhythms that we can practice that will ensure that we are keeping our focus on God?
Testimonies:  Ask group members to share testimonies of how God has encountered them and led them to cross over from one situation to another as they keep their focus on God.

What are some of things that can happen if we take our focus off God?  (Some Suggested Answers)
• Live in the past or desire to return to the past. Something that did not work out well for Israel.
• Focus on our circumstances more than God and they become magnified.
God is calling us forward into a ‘New Way’ or a ‘No Limits future’ and we have never been this way before: But God knows the Way! And if we keep our focus in him God will also make a way!

When we are faced with a ‘Flooded River Jordan’ in our lives we need a strategy to get across.  Israel could have waited a few months for the floodwater to recede or perhaps considered building wooden rafts or boats. They discovered that God always has a strategy for successfully ‘Crossing Over’ and Gods strategy is always the best one!

What are some ways that God communicates his strategy to us?
In our story we can see that when God gives us a strategy for crossing over into our ‘no limits’ future’ he often requires a bold step of action or obedience on our behalf. The priest’s faith required them to get there feet wet.
8, ‘Tell the priests (who were carrying the presence of God) to go to the edge of the edge of the River and stand in the water.’
Testimony:   Invite group members to share time when God gave them a strategy to cross over into something. How did he communicate it to them and what step/s of obedience did he require from them?

One way to view our churches ‘No limits’ vision is to see it as the strategy and the place at which we are to cross over. The step/s of faith he is looking for are found in the following four areas:
• Encounter -  Encountering Gods Presence
• Develop -      Developing Ourselves and Others 
• Create -         Being Creative
• Influence -    Influencing others for the Kingdom of God

What are some ways as a life-group can we step out in faith in these areas?
The Result of Faith & Obedience Speak for Themselves. (Read Joshua 3:15-17) Perhaps all that stands between you and your miracle is an act of faith and obedience!

One Last Thought:    One Thing to Remember
Notice that when the priests took their stand on the word of God the water did not stop flowing at the point of entry.  Rather it heaped up a great distance away!  (Adam- 25Km)
The Miracle began as soon as the priests acted in faith but the results of their faith in action were not known immediately.   They had to continue to stand in faith.

Just because we cannot see God at work does not mean He is not at work!
• They did not witness the point of origin of the miracle but they did experience the results!   
We need only to keep standing in the River in Faith and God will cause it to dry up so that we can all cross over into a ‘No Limit’ future.

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