John 10:10 I have come that you may have life and have it to full! 

Luke 4:18 He came to proclaim freedom to prisoners and set the captives free.

Jesus came to break off the limitations that are not from him and empower us to step in to no limitations, full life, to accomplish everything God has called us to be and called us to do.

Abraham, Moses, David, Peter, look at their life and see the limitations and imperfections they had and what turned them into this heroes that we know today.

What did they all had in common before they had that massive encounter?

1. They all had some limiting factors in their life
What are yours? Can you make the list? What stops you everytime God asks you to do something?
2. They had a strong desire for change 
Their pain of NOW exceeded the fear of UKNOWN

There are 2 types of LIMITATIONS, bondages: inner and situational

1. Inner limitations are those that rise up within: fears, worries, feeling of inadequacy, “what if” mindset that might keep us gong in circles forever.

How to break? Based on the examples of bible Heroes mentioned earlier.

MAKE A DECISION, make a step of faith and believe that God will meet you half way with His miracle.

2. Situational limitation. When you know God has called you to more (in your life, business, career, health, finances, family, ministry), but seems there is no exit from this “valley of nothing”, you kind of surrounded by limitations you can’t control and enslaved by the circumstances.

God can use this stagnation in our circumstances to heat up our desire for change.

You need a divine BREAKTHROUGH!

BREAKTHROUGH is a dramatic, sudden adnate. 

We usually do not want to change when we see light, but when we feel a heat. But if you desire a change and it’s really important to you, then in this foggy place, just stay the course.

Throughout the bible every victory, every new land, every change and breakthrough out of impossible circumstances came when people of God were actively seeking this breakthrough, this freedom from limitations. ¬¬

Read - 2 Samuel 5:17-20
What valley in your life would you like to see called Baal Perazim (the Lord broke through)? 
What important thing did David do when he saw his enemies coming?

This is exactly what we want to see in our lives in the next 21 days, we going stay the course, we get serious and we will fast and pray so that the Lord as a mighty water will break through our limitations, place of battle will become a place of a breakthrough.

Read - Daniel 9:3; Ezra 8:23; Joel 1:14 
There is a power in seeking God together as a church.

Greatest moves of God are usually preceded by simple acts of obedience. Fasting is a physical obedience to the call of God and his plans for our life, even when we do not see it coming through yet.

1. Fasting is for every believer
In Mathew 6:16, Jesus says WHEN you fast…He puts prayer and fasting as equally important.

2. It's time and place, to position ourselves before God, showing how serious we are about his plans for our lives and not setting for less than that.

3. Fasting is intentional refraining from food or other pleasures and replacing a time you would spend on it with meditation and prayer time, not replacing one pleasure with other.

4. Fasting does not change God, but
• moves you closer to him, allowing his power to work within us
• declutters our spirit
• prepares our hearts for his solutions 
• makes you strong to break the limitations and 
• proclaims his power to deliver us from what we cannot do anything about

Make a list of WHY do you fast. What is that you are serious to see the Lord breakthrough?

Please share your valleys of battle that you want to see a breakthrough. Pray for each other and continue to fast.

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