Are you too busy?
• How do you feel about the pace of your life?
• Are you doing what you wanted to do?
• Are you tired, stressed, frustrated & wondering if anything can change?

FROM THE BOOK “The Simple Life”:
Our thesis is simple. We were not created to have miserable and joyless lives. We were created to have abundant and joyful lives. But for most of us, such a life is elusive at best and seemingly impossible at worst.

For those who struggle we present the simple life.

People are hungry for simple because the world has become so complex. …We have access to more information, more products, more research, and more ideas than at any point in history. …In the midst of the harried world of complexity, in the midst of uncontrollably complex lives, people want to find simple for their lives. They long for it, seek for it, pay for it, and even dream of it.

1. Time: People want simple: time for areas of their life that really matter
2. Relationships: many struggle with balance in relationships
3. Money: Financial strains for many: bills, income, savings, & debt
4. God: a void in relationship with God - people are too busy for God

“Over 2/3 (68%) said they would change their day if they could.” – p48

P23 No one ever thought, ‘I am going to fill up my life with so many things that I feel like I can’t even breathe.’ No the thought probably sounded more like, I think it would benefit my life if I did this.’ …after a few more “enrichments”, our life is out of control. Busyness has consumed us.

44% thought health would suffer; details of health risks

57% to busy for spouse date, 84% wanted more time with spouse.

We are teaching our kids to be too busy (Prov 22:6)

Write a list of priorities of what deserves your time from most important down:

Be honest - how does the way your average week/day compare with the list of how you feel your time ought to be spent?

P50: “WHY?” – is an important question if you want to understand your motivation for doing some of the things you do:
• Why do I work so many hours?
• Why are my children involved in so many activities?
• Why do I spend so much time at the gym?
• Why am I on so many school councils?
• Why do I volunteer so much at church?

The reasons are various:
• Trying to prove something to a parent or significant other
• Trying to prove something to yourself
• Trying to make up for things that you feel were missing
• Trying to help your kids have what you didn’t
• Trying to find a sense of self through success & achievement

How did we end up with so many good things that we are over loaded by them?

How will we simplify our lives when it’s all good stuff that has to be dropped?

How does Matthew 6:24-34 help us decide about what really matters?

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