The On Track series focuses on “Each person taking another step together to become fully alive in Christ.” 

Read Matthew 7:24-27, the parable of Two Builders.
Jesus shares this parable at the end of his teaching, Sermon on the Mount, verse 24 begins with the word ‘therefore’ which invites us to consider the previous passage and consider how it relates to Jesus telling his listeners that everyone who hears his words and then acts upon them will build a strong foundation in their lives.

Consider some examples of Jesus teaching in :
Matthew 5
V3-10 (Beatitudes)
V13-16 (Salt and Light)
V38-42 (Going the Second Mile)
V43-38 (Loving your Enemies)
Matthew 6
V5-18 (Prayer and Fasting)
v23-34 (Worry)

Lessons we see from Jesus’ teaching on the two builders.
1. We are all Building.
Jesus tells us that we are all ‘builders’, building our lives, families, ministries, church, careers etc and our foundation influences how we build.
Take a moment to discuss what you are building and how your foundation impacts choices and priorities.

2. We all face Storms.
In the parable, both have the same vision to build a house, and both heard the same teaching from Jesus, the difference was their foundation.  When both faced the same storm, the one who’s house was built on the rock (Jesus) stood firm while the one who’s house was built on sand did not stand.
As we face storms in life Jesus encourages us to build our lives on his teaching.  See John 16v33.
What storms have you faced and what have you learned about having Jesus as your foundation?

3. Hearing, Doing and Practicing
Jesus tells us the wise builder is the one who hears God’s words and practices them (see James 1v22-25).
The foundation in the parable is wisdom which comes from obedience to God’s Word.  Our hearing and studying God’s Word must result in our practice and how we live.

Further scriptures – Heb 6v1-3, Prov 24v3-4

Further questions
1. What practices or spiritual disciplines help you build a strong foundation?
2. Storms are inevitable in our lives. They even reveal our foundation: Explain why storms reveal our foundation.

Please encourage your Life Group to participate in Spiritual Health Check or LifeTracks.

Finish with prayer for anyone facing a storm.

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