Message by Andrew Chisholm
Life Group Discussion Study by James Thompson

Scripture: Luke 24:13-35

Do you sometimes feel alone and hopeless? We can find renewed hope when we discover Jesus is alive and walking with us.

Point 1: Walking in Distress
In verses 13-18 we see that these disciples were downcast. They were upset that Jesus had been crucified and their dreams of what they thought He would do were shattered. Sometimes when we walk with God things do not turn out as we would like.

• Have you ever been upset that something did not turn out the way you thought?
• When was a time when God’s plan was very different to yours?
• What distress are you currently walking with?

Point 2: A Glimmer of Hope
As we read verses 19-27 we see that they explain all the facts of the situation. They tell Jesus about their disappointment, their frustration and their confusion. Jesus began explaining the Scriptures to the disciples. As Jesus explained God’s plan found in Scripture, hope began to arise in them.

• What Spiritual disciplines do you find useful when times are tough?
• How do you allow hope to arise when you are going through a difficult time?
• What truths and promises of God sustain you in your distressing times?

Point 3: Eyes Wide Open
In verses 28-35 Jesus sits at the table with them. It was as Jesus broke the bread and gave thanks that their eyes were opened. Jesus had been with them the whole time! This is a great message for us all to hear. Although Jesus is with us always, we need our eyes opened to recognise this amazing promise. The disciples realised their hearts were burning when He was with them.

• Share a moment when God opened your eyes to see something you couldn’t see.
• This story reminds us to ask Jesus into our difficult situations (into our homes like in the story). Do you allow Jesus into your difficult times? Why/Why not?
• Do you need God to open your eyes for a situation you are in right now? Ask your life group to pray with you.
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