How is your spiritual health? 

In the busyness of life, we can all find it a challenge to maintain the spiritual rhythms that enable us to grow as a Christian.  However, regular rhythms of prayer, worship, reflecting on God’s word, fellowship, rest, generosity, and outreach are vital to our walk with God.  Since the times of the early church they have constituted foundational rhythms of personal growth and church life (Acts 3:42-43).

Spiritual rhythms or disciplines do not earn us favour with God, but they open our hearts and minds to the blessings that God has already freely given.  They are profoundly important ways of maintaining our spiritual health and vitality when practiced out of love for God and others rather than guilt or fear.

Our spiritual health check is a means of assessing our spiritual vitality in six areas of spiritual life.  The questions asked focus on the regularity and the quality of our spiritual rhythms in each of these areas.  They also explore the corporate and personal dimensions of our spiritual rhythms.

We hope the health check provides you with some personal insights on your own spiritual health and gives you some guidance on how you could grow spiritually in this season of your life.

Here are some questions you can discuss with your Life Groups as you each look at your results for the six areas or Spiritual Rhythms:

1. Prayer and Worship
2. Word of God
3. Sabbath and Rest
4. Fellowship and Discipleship
5. Generosity and Serving
6. Outreach

Discussion Questions
1. Were you surprised by any of the scores you received in the survey?  If yes, which one/s and why?
2. Which is your strongest and weakest the 6 Rhythms? (Ask the group to share)
3. As a group, what are our strongest and weakest rhythms?  (Take time identify and collate)
4. As a group, what are some ways, we can strengthen our weakest areas? (i.e Resources, studies, worship prayer, outreach events, outside help etc)
5. As a group, how can we help each other build on our strengths?

Application Questions which can be done at the end of the discussion or as a take home application:

1. What is God saying to you about which Rhythm/s you should work on?
2. What is one thing you can/will do this week to begin working and improving this, Rhythm? (Start the sentence with “I will……..”)

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