Background Scriptures:

Ecclesiastes 3:1, Proverbs 29:18, Nehemiah 1:1-6, 2:1-5

Throughout the Bible we see people who have this idea of a clear vision. One example is Nehemiah, who was able to hear and implement what God had said to him in order to see the vision God had given to him become reality. Nehemiah was not sure of how this was going to go but he knew that he had to do something. Even though he knew what had to be done he prayed, fasted and waited till the right moment in time before he revealed what he knew needed to be done.

It’s been the same here at CityLife over the past year. We know that there is more that God can do. Below is our new vision that will carry us through for the next three years.

Our Vision

We see CityLife as a church who encounter God and discover His purpose for our lives. We see a church where disciples of Jesus Christ are developed, activated and multiplied. We see a creative church, a faith-filled people who creatively communicate the timeless truth of the Gospel to allow people to encounter and respond to God.

Through this journey of encounter, growth and investment in others, we see a church of increasing influence across communities, cities and nations.

We see a church who set “no limits” on what God can do through us – we are CityLife Church!

Through this statement we see four key focus areas that for us as a church and individuals to focus on over the next three years.

4 Focus Areas


We will expectantly pursue an increase in the life and activity of the Holy Spirit so that we are built and transformed in our discipleship journey through faith-filled experiences of God’s presence, grace and power.


We will inspire a new commitment to, and provide new opportunities for people to recognize and release their potential, character and capacity, to enable them to become disciples who make disciples.


We will inspire people to respond to the timeless truth of the gospel by leveraging creativity in ways that are relevant to their generation and context. We will foster an environment of faith and a culture of possibilities.


We will reach further into our local communities by mobilising each of our congregations around specific local needs through our community impact ministries and partnerships. We will reach out to global communities through our mission partners. Strengthening existing congregations and planting churches.

In this new era we will see the encounters we have with God as a springboard to develop, create and influence, which all points to a future with no limits.

We want to go beyond what has been and see our church enter its most fruitful season ever!

Together, we can have the impact God is wanting us to have. We encourage everyone to be part of this journey as we see this vision take flight. We will reach greater heights, living a life with no limits.

Discussion Questions 

1. If you were to personalize the four areas, which area(s) would you like to grow in?

2. Share the ‘next step’ you feel God calling you to make right now. It could include committing your life to Christ, share the gospel, attend LifeTrax training, take up water baptism, or sign up to serve

3. Share how you can personally contribute to the accomplishment of the four focus areas: Encounter, Develop, Create & Influence

4. Discuss how your group can contribute to the accomplishment of the four focus areas: Encounter, Develop, Create & Influence

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