Sermon Snapshot (Luke 3:21-23)

Jesus went through a significant period of preparation before he began his ministry. The impact of a person's life is often in direct proportion to the quality of preparation. Jesus prepared by surrendering his life totally to the Father, beginning with water baptism and continuing daily right through to his cruel crucifixion on a cross. His relationship with his Father was a strong foundation for his ministry providing a sense of identity, acceptance and approval. Jesus was also empowered by the Spirit for all that he said and did.

Discussion Questions

  • Give examples of the importance of preparation.
    Total Surrender:
  • Share a time when you found it difficult to surrender to God in some area of your life. What were your feelings at the time and what did you learn through this situation?
  • How can we strengthen our trust in God during times of surrender?
    Relationship with the Father:
  • What are indicators that a person's life is founded on things like rejection, insecurity, fear or "performance orientation" rather than the Father's love?
  • What are some characteristics of a person who is secure in the Father's love?
  • What are some key "change factors" that help a person be set free from insecurity and build their life rooted and grounded in God's love (Eph.3:14-19)?
    Spirit empowerment: 
  • What are some key practices that can help us draw consistently on the resources of the Holy Spirit?

Wrap Up

Conclude by spending some time praying for each other about a fresh total surrender to God, a growing love relationship with the Father and a stronger daily empowering of the Holy Spirit.
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