Key Scripture of Series: Jeremiah 6:16

We have been discussing the thought that the spiritual apathy that was prevalent In Jeremiah’s day is similar to what we are facing in the church today.
There are some disciplines or practices we can acquire that although do not grant brownie points with God; do assist us on this journey of discipleship and shaking off apathy i.e. prayer, fasting, silence, solitude, Sabbath, etc.

A ‘pilgrim’ is someone who is on a journey.

In religion and spirituality, a pilgrimage is a long journey or search of great spiritual significance e.g. Mecca, Lumbini or the Holy Land. Pilgrimages are as old as our biblical forefathers.

Read the following scriptures and discuss the significance of their journey.

• Genesis 12:1
• Genesis 22:2
• Genesis 47:9
• Genesis 50:24
• Deuteronomy 3:28
• Ruth 1:15-17
• Nehemiah 2:4
• Psalm 84:5

Jesus calls His disciples to leave all and follow – Pilgrimage.

Read Hebrews 11:11-16. God’s heroes of faith had a pilgrim mindset.

We are all on a journey.
We are all pilgrims through life.
We are a supernatural people on a supernatural journey – Read 1 Peter 2:9-10
We are all pilgrims discovering God.
God is: - Creative – Ps. 89:11
- Eternal
- Almighty
- Righteous
- Love

Discuss what you are discovering about God and yourself on your journey.

So how do I practice Pilgrimage?
1. Learn to Reflect on your journey.

Discuss what you do or want to do that will assist you in reflecting on your journey or pilgrimage.

2. Mark special days and places. The Hebrews marked special days and places e.g. feasts, pillars of rocks.

Discuss how you mark or plan to mark special days and places to assist you in reflection in your journey with God.

3. Take a Journey. A literal pilgrimage does not need to cost money. It can be an exotic place around the world; it can be hike, a camp, a beach, a cathedral - there’s no rules regarding this. Rather it is the fact that you have set time aside and you see it as a journey. As you pack your suitcase you are reminded that you are a pilgrim and that your pursuit is Christ.

Discuss the possibilities of taking a literal pilgrimage in 2011 – what would it look like? Or a silent retreat? Helpful website:

4. Remember all of life is a pilgrimage and it has a primary focus. Jesus reminds us what life’s journey is all about when he is talking to educated religious leaders. Read Luke 10:25-28

Our pilgrimage has a primary purpose: To love God and to love others.

Discuss ways that having our pilgrimage as our focus will remain your primary focus for your life in 2011.

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