Refusing to renew our minds can frustrate the purposes of God, e.g. the Israelites coming out of Egypt frustrated God's amazing purposes for their lives by not lining up their thinking with God's - as a result a whole generation died in the desert. As Christians we need to take an active role in renewing our minds - we are not victims or casualties of our thinking, but by the power of the Holy Spirit are able to renew our minds.

We all have  “roads “ in our minds that have been laid there as a result of our choices, circumstances or choices of others.

God equips us to relay these roads in accordance to His word, 2 Cor. 10:4-5

To do so we need to learn:

  1. To say NO to Temptation Road. 
    • Recognise these roads are there 
    • Clearly mark them in our minds 
    • Refuse to follow their paths

  2. Broaden the Narrow Roads
    Not allow fear to border our thinking - but faith and wisdom.

  3. Patch the Potholes
    Regularly take stock of our thinking and become active in changing what is not right. Discipline becomes our best friend.

  4. Shine the light on the “road of hell “
    Important not to ignore the very painful experiences of our life that have shaped our thinking. Learning to embrace God's love and truth as we journey down these roads and expose them to the light of God.

  5. Lay Brand New Roads
    Roads that line up with the Word of God and what He says about us and others.

    Renewing our mind is a process, it doesn't happen instantly. It requires willingness and determination. Often it is hard work accompanied by sweat and tears. Discipline becomes our best friend. The result is a changed, productive and prosperous life.

Sample Discussion Questions 

  1. Discuss 2 Cor. 10:4-5: What weapons do we have at our disposal to use against strongholds in our minds?    
  2. Discuss some strongholds that can take hold of our mind.   
  3. How can we broaden our thinking to faith and wisdom, instead of being ruled by fear?   
  4. Discuss briefly Prov. 5:11-12: What difference does discipline make in our life? Why is it so hard to discipline our thinking? 
  5. Identify some areas of wrong thinking in your own life. What actions will you take to start a renewal process? 

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