Genesis 3 – the Source of Fear 

Read: Genesis 3:1-10 

Here in Genesis we have the first record of fear.

We have a man and a woman in a perfect setting, in perfect harmony with nature, with each other and with God. Into this paradise comes a creature that Jesus would later call the “Father of lies” and slanders God’s Word. Adam and Eve’s choice causes them to inherit sin, a curse and fear. Fear that would plague humanity with terrible consequences.

  • Fear ties us into knots 
  • Fear makes us behave irrationally 
  • Fear can cause us to misrepresent God 
  • Fear breaks relationships 
  • Fear paralyses us 

The Bible speaks positively about the fear of the Lord, but negatively about fears that have the potential to bind us.

Prov 29:25-26; Rom. 8:15

God’s Answer to the Fear Factor 

  1. Jesus.
    So if fear is not something God wants us to be ruled by, then He would have made a way for His people to live free from its bondages. The greatest revelation we have is the love of God – and that in the face of this love fear begins to loose its grip.

    God personifies His love in His Son, and as we look at Jesus we not only have a revelation of who God is, what He is like, but we get a revelation of His love for us.

    Col. 2:9-10; John 3:16; 1 John 4:16-18

    Jesus comes and demonstrates God’s love by giving His life in our place. The answer to this fear and dread is a life of freedom in Christ – the perfect demonstration of God’s love for us. Make Spiritual Disciplines a Guardian in Your Life.

    Spiritual disciplines:
    Study of the Word
    Silence and reflection, listening to the Spirit
    Accountability and community
    Tongues and others.

    As we weave these into our lives they begin to replace fears both in time, effort and energy. When your mind is on spiritual things – it’s hard to be fearful. When your life is being filled with the voice of the Spirit the voices of fear have to back down.

  2. Begin to Challenge Your Thinking. 
    Because of sin we all have wrong thinking patterns and paradigms - thoughts of fear that have consumed our lives. We need to begin to challenge our thought processes.

    Fear is a bully, an intimidating bully that has convinced hundreds of Christ followers to cower before it. Changing fearful paradigms is not easy but in Christ it is possible.

  3. Take a Stand – Ignore the Feelings
    There are some fears you will overcome and they will never make an appearance into your life again. There are others that you have to face as they try to bring you back into bondage. As we make a choice to ignore them the loose their strength. We don’t feed fear, we feed on the word of God.

  4. When Fear Comes in Like a Flood– Go to the Fortress of Peace 
    There is a place reserved for the followers of Christ when the storms come, the winds howl and the giants rage. Learn at that time to still your thoughts, meditate and pray the word of God. Personalize the word and allow fear to be broken. Demonstration with Psalm 91 or Romans 8:28-39

Sample Discussion Questions 

  1. Discuss particular fears in your life. Do you remember how their originated? How do they affect you today? 
  2. Discuss the effects of fear on a Christ community? How does fear make us misrepresent God? 
  3. Which of the points in overcoming fear do you find helpful?
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