Just in Case

Read Luke 9:57-62

In this passage Jesus talks about the cost of discipleship. He knows that the kingdom of God is built on people who are willing to lay it all down, and set their faces like flint to the kingdom and the cause. Discipleship is costly. Ananias and Sapphira found this out in Acts 5. Their unbelieving hearts and "Just in Case" mentality cost them their lives. We all have the "just in cases" hidden in our hearts at certain time. "I trust God... BUT... " Like Achan in the book of Joshua we can hide the Babylonian robe and gold in the soil of our heart... "Just in Case."

Faith refuses to have a "just in case" mentality - faith has no backdoors or saves anything for a rainy day. Faith is able to wholeheartedly throw itself on God and say, "My God is able to deliver me but even if He doesn't... YET will I serve him."

We need to regularly examine our hearts for the "Just in case" mentalities. If we want to be a true disciple then we have to be willing to repent from these and change.

Discipleship is costly. Are we willing to pay the price?

Sample Discussion Questions 

  1. What are some everyday examples of Christians having "Just in Case" in their lives? 
  2. What are some recent areas you have overcome to let go and trust God?
  3. Has there been any aspect of your journey in Christ where you have had to lay down something that cost you to follow Jesus?
  4. What steps do you find helpful in letting go and trusting God? 
  5. Pray for one another to see breakthrough in any specific areas of their lives.
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