Jesus' Pattern of Prayer
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm reflects on the pattern of prayer Jesus gave his disciples and how it can enrich our own prayer life.
Jesus' Place of Prayer
  Jeanine Sharp  
Jeanine speaks with us about going to a place of prayer at any of time of the day in our own way.
Power of Persistent Prayer
  Gurmit Gill  
Through the parable of the "The Persistent Widow" Jesus shows us the importance of persistence prayer. Gurmit Gill shares some gems from this parable to inspire us to never give up hope even when we face disappointments or delayed prayer answers.
Walking with Jesus
  Ben Warwick  
Ben opens up our 'walking with Jesus' series by asking the question 'are we walking with Jesus'?"
  Sam Grimshaw  
Sam explores what it looks like to be building pathways for us journey together toward becoming Fully Alive in Christ.
Step Up and Build
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm encourages us to step up and build God’s church together in 2023.
Our Walls of Jericho
  Sam Grimshaw  
When it has been promised to us that God is going to work in us, it can be hard not to get frustrated. Sam helps us see how we can trust in God through the story of Israel's capture of Jericho.
God's Will and Prayer, Truth and Love
  Wynita and Louie   
As part of the Building Blocks series, Wynita and Louie share their stories about how Will and Prayer, Truth and Love has impacted them personally.
How to Navigate the Drift in 2023
  Ben Warwick  
We will experience challenges in 2023. We will drift away from God at times. Ben Warwick helps us in this message to draw near to God as we navigate the coming year.
I Took a Step
  Tom & Maddie  
What does it mean to have faith and trust in what God has created in us and stepping up and out to us the gifts He has given?
God Orders our Steps
  Sam Grimshaw  
What does it mean for God to be ordering our steps? A powerful message on Psalm 37:23-24 from Sam Grimshaw.
  Sam Grimshaw  
Sam Grimshaw reflects on the presence of God in the world and within our lives.
All Alone in a Crowded Church
  Matt Boulton  
We know when we're in a church building, but are we truly in "fellowship" as the Bible describes it?
Jumping into the River
  Sam Grimshaw  
Sam Grimshaw speaks on how God continually uses the metaphor of rivers and water throughout his Word.
Church Unity
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm shares on the value of unity and diversity in our life together as a church.
It All Starts with Love
  Sam Grimshaw  
The core of our gifts in the Church is Christ's love. Sam Grimshaw speaks a powerful message from 1 Peter.
The Power of the Collective
  Ben Warwick  
There is power when we come together as the church! An inspiring message from Ben Warwick.
The Power of Your Story
  Sam Grimshaw  
Sam shares a powerful message on the impact of our individual stories in the life of the Church community.
The Great Commission
  Kate Rodwell  
Kate Rodwell explores practical ways we as the Church and as individuals can contribute to our calling.
  Sam Grimshaw  
Sam Grimshaw speaks on how God works through the Church's gifts to accomplish His purposes
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