Eden as the Kingdom of God
  Louie Batislaon  
Louie Batislaon speaks about man's original job or mission: to make the rest of the world like Eden—to spread the presence and the goodness of God to the world.
Listening to God
  Ben Warwick  
In this message, Ben speaks about how God desires to speak to us and make His voice known to those who seek Him earnestly.
Restoration of Community
  Sam Grimshaw  
How can the work of Jesus bring restoration of relationships in our lives? Sam shares the message of the resurrection, focusing on how it impacts our relationships with each other.
  Ben Warwick  
In this Palm Sunday message, Ben speaks about the significance of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem as the bringer of peace and what this means for us today.
Healing: Faith, Mystery and the Power of the Holy Spirit
  Shelley Ligtermoet  
Shelley's message explores healing within the context of the Kingdom of God, debunking myths and balancing the reality that not all healing prayers are answered.
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm explains how the God’s joy can be revealed in our lives as we pray “your Kingdom come.”
  Sam Grimshaw  
Sam encourages us to think about what we are hallowing and what role fasting can play in helping us hallow God's name.
Commissioned by God
  Ben Warwick  
In this message, Ben speaks an encouraging message about not being limited by our pasts. Rather, God uses our pasts for our future!
Joining the Song
  Sam Grimshaw  
Sam explores the idea of moving from being eavesdropper to joining in on the song.
Tell Your Story
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm presents the first message in our Kingdom Life Vision Series for 2024.
Falling Forward from Failure
  Liz Thong  
Failure is an inevitable part of human experience but we can allow God to shape us to come out stronger from it. This message from Liz Thong helps us to reflect on Peter's restoration by Jesus, to be personally restored to move forward purposefully in God.
  Sam Grimshaw  
Exploring to book of Jonah and his own story Sam will look at how easy it is to get distracted from God's calling in our lives.
Obedience is the Love Language of Heaven
  Maddie Sharp & Rufus Wilson   
In this team preach, Maddie and Rufus share ways in which God has taught them to follow Him and trust His will for our lives.
How to Have Joy in 2024
  Ben Warwick  
In this message, Ben speaks an encouraging message about how despite the circumstances, we can have joy in 2024 through the Holy Spirit.
  Sam Grimshaw  
At Christmas lets stop and reflect on the incredible hope both for now and the future that comes through Jesus.
  Ben Warwick  
Ben speaks about how Christmas reminds us of God’s intentional decision to be present with His people in a tangible and relatable way through Jesus.
Wisdom in Relationships
  Ada Han  
Ada talks about how wisdom comes from our relationship with God and our understanding of God's covenant or relationship with us.
Wisdom with Stuff
  Sam Grimshaw  
Sam talks about how Proverbs challenge us not to get caught in the spiral of always craving more.
Wisdom for Leaders
  Andrew Chisholm  
From the book of Proverbs and the life of King Solomon, Andrew Chisholm explores how servant leaders can find wisdom from God.
Words Matter
  Ben Warwick  
In this message, Ben speaks about the power our words have and encourages us to seek the Holy Spirit to guide our conversations.
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