Develop Your Serve
  Greg Baust  
Greg Baust shares ways that we can engage in community through acts of service and live out what a disciple is, does and reproduces!
Vision 2019 - Develop
  Andrew Hill  
In this message Andrew Hill shares the focus for CityLife Church in 2019 - develop! The idea that as followers of Jesus we are to become disciples has to be at the forefront of all we do. Therefore we must recognise that the greatest contribution any of us can make to the Kingdom of God may not be something we do but someone you develop. Therefore building a culture where disciples make disciples is crucial for us to fulfill the purposes that God has for our church.
The House God Builds and the People Who Choose to Live in it
  Greg Baust  
Greg shares from the Book of Haggai and how God invites people to partner with him in building His house.
Graciousness, Showing Grace to Others
  Victor Garcia  
Together we will explore graciousness, how we the recipients of the amazing grace of God can and should reflect the same grace to those around us.
Empowered by Grace
  Terry Kircher  
Terry Kircher shares a great message on the relentless grace God pours out on us, that we have no claim nor reason to expect.
Called by Grace for a Purpose
  Chris Yong  
Purpose comes when you know your place and your identity, from your heart’s desire. What drives your heart? God’s grace. A encouraging message by Chris Yong.
Saved by Grace
  Greg Baust  
 Greg Baust shares a great message on how God’s grace releases us from condemnation and reassures us of our peace with Him.
Thankfulness: The attitude of a true believer
  Paul Maisano  
Paul explores how our thankfulness is not based on our circumstances but on an attitude of gratitude towards God.
Seizing Divine Moments
  Mark Bateman  
Mark Bateman talks about Jonathan who intentionally engaged the circumstances and seized an opportunity to have a divine moment.
Everyday Heroes
  Greg Baust  
Greg Baust shares a great message to honour our volunteers, the everyday heroes who make a difference in the lives of others.
The Kind of People God's People Are
  Benjamin Yeoh  
Benjamin Yeoh shares a great testimony of the impact of extending kindness not only to those who are closest to us but also to strangers and the marginalized.
Is God Kind?
  Andrew Hill  
God's heart is kind. Andrew Hill explores why kindness is not an optional extra for the people of God- being kind is an act of obedience to God but also reflects Hid very heart to the others around us.
Try a Little Kindness
  Greg Baust  
Greg Baust shares a great message on God’s desire for us to be kind in our relationships with each other.
Encountering Jesus Through Grief and Loss
  Shelley Ligtermoet   
Shelley Ligtermoet shares a great message on how we can trust Jesus in times of grief and loss, resting on the knowledge that He is the resurrection and the life.
Blessing Nations
  Paulos Djini  
Paulos Djini explores how God blesses His people in order to bless the nations; and he will give some concrete steps as to how we can become a blessing to the nations.
SOS - Significance of Seniors
  Ken Harris  
God promises that even in old age you shall remain VITAL. Great message by Ken Harris.
Living as Salt and Light
  Andrew Hill  
In this message Andrew Hill expounds the importance of being salt and light in our community.
Jesus Is Trustworthy
  Leanne Hill  
Leanne Hill brings a great word from John 20 - Jesus creates a safe place for us to bring our doubt and renew our trust in Him.
It Is Well
  Brisita Rojas  
Brisita Rojas brings an encouraging word from John 4 - Jesus is the one that we can reply upon during the challenges of life.
Nicodemus - A Life Transformed by Jesus
  U-Wen Low  
Continuing our series on the book of John, U-Wen Low shares about how Nicodemus' life is profoundly transformed by his encounters with Jesus.
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