Rhythm of Giving
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm shares on money and motivations and how a rhythm of giving can help change our heart towards others.
Together in Family
  Paulos Djini  
Family is God's invention; He is the manufacturer, therefore, we have to follow the manufacturer's manual to operate it successfully. A powerful message by Paulos Djini.
Workplace Relationships
  Michael Magyar  
Michael Magyar shares on living out your God given calling in your workspace.
Sustaining What We've Started
  Brisita Rojas  
If we want to reach new places we need to know where we're going, trust that God goes with us, and take a step of faith. A thought-proving message by Brisita Rojas.
Jesus' Purpose Statment
  Michael Magyar   
Michael Magyar explores the question: How do we partner in Jesus' mission?
The Rhythm of BLESS In Our Everyday
  James Harrison   
Jesus says in John 20:21, "As the father has sent me, I am sending you". All callings culminate in our faithfulness to proclaim and demonstrate the rule and reign of God within our families, school, work places and communities. A thoughtful message from James Harrison.
The Rhythm of Bless - Moving Into Your Neighbourhood
  Bree Kolle   
Do you see yourself as sent? Have you ever thought how God uniquely shaped you and perfectly enables you to be the hands and feet of Jesus? Discover how you can join God in His incarnational mission right in your very own neighbourhood. An inspiring message by Bree Kolle.
Embracing Our Sentness
  Greg Baust   
Greg Baust shares how our response to God sending Jesus should be to embrace his mission of sending us!
Blessed to be a Blessing
  Kate Rodwell   
Kate Rodwell explores how we are called to be a blessing to those in our community.
Why Worship?
  Michael Magyar   
Why are all humans created with the need to worship? An encouraging message by Michael Magyar.
RU OK? Day - A Conversation about Mental Health
  Chris Yong and Panel   
A conversation with a panel of local experts to identify what mental health challenges are, how to identify someone who is struggling and equip people to be able to provide appropriate support.
What is Community Impact for the Church and for Every Christian?
  Kim Hammond   
Kim Hammond shares how the Bible talks about community impact and what role Whittlesea could play in that mission.
Forgive Them??
  Terry Kircher   
Looking at passages from Matthew 6:12 and Matthew 18: 21-35, Terry Kircher speaks about being forgiven ourselves, and also forgiving others.
Judging Rightly
  Greg Baust   
Greg Baust unpacks what Jesus says about judging others and how to behave justly toward our brothers and sisters.
It's About What to Do! Not What Not to Do!
  Tina Waldrom   
The sermon on the mount is often misunderstood. In this message Tina Waldrom shows how Jesus's sermon can bring significant life change when the focus is put where Jesus intended.
Pray Like This!
  Susanna Koch   
Susanna Koch takes a refreshing and exciting look at the so called "Lord's Prayer".
Reconciliation & Truth Telling
  Marcus Koch  
Marcus Koch shares what the Sermon on the Mount says about working through conflicts and building relationships.
Vision Renewed: An Invitation to be a Disciple Maker
  Greg Baust  
Greg Baust shares how Jesus invites all believers to be disciples that make other disciples.
A New Name and a Set of Keys
  Jo Saxton  
Jo Saxton shares a powerful message to complete Inspire Weekend.
Pathways to Healing
  Paul Maisano  
Scripture is full of examples of God's healing power; Paul Maisano examines how healing is as relevant today as ever before.
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