Starlight Guiding Us Home
  Joe Liow  
Joe Liow shares a great message on what our homes could be like this Christmas if we invite Jesus in and allow His light and presence access.
Starlight - Let Your Light Shine!
  Susanna Koch  
Drawing on the events in Bethlehem, Susanna Koch opens our minds to the possibilities of how we can impact the world around us today.
Serve Like Jesus
  Joe Liow  
Jesus showed by example what it means to serve. Through serving we are making an eternal difference in the life of others in the community and perhaps in the world.  A great message by Joe Liow for our Volunteers Appreciation Weekend.
Kindness: The Heart of God for Others
  Kim Hammond  
 Kim Hammond shares how God is kind and His grace and love to the world is an example of how we are to live.
Imitating the Kindness of God
  Jason Smith  
Accepting that God is is not straightforward for everyone, even more challenging is imitating His kindness to those around us. Jason Smith explores these thoughts with us in a heart- stirring message.
Dealing in the Currency of Kindness
  Racquel Bisinella-Duns  
When we deal in the currency of kindness, it costs us, but the investment of kindness reaps an eternal revenue. An inspiring message by Racquel Bisinella-Duns.
Meeting God in the Mess
  Oreste Pompetti  
We can all find ourselves caught up in messy and uncertain situations. Oreste Pompetti shares how these are times where we can experience life-giving liberation and transformation as we meet God in the mess.
Blessing Nations
Learn more about God's desire for us to express His heart for the nations and compassion for the marginalised as outlined throughout the Bible.
Making Sense of God in Tough Times
  Joe Liow  
Joe Liow shares a great message on how we can trust the Lord even when we don’t understand why our world is falling apart (Proverbs 3:5).
We Can All Change Someone's Life
  Jasmine Ooi  
Jasmine Ooi shares a powerful testimony of how her close encounter with death and God's Word led her to start an orphanage.
Jesus Recommissions Peter
  Ronald Ooi  
Jesus meets the disciples over breakfast and recommissions Peter after asking him three times, “Do you love me?”. Ronald Ooi shares a great message, encouraging the church to keep serving the Lord.
Encountering Jesus - When Life Doesn't Make Sense
  Markus Koch  
Life as a Christian can be confusing at times. Markus Koch shares how Jesus’ encounter with a family in crisis can help us make sense of it all.
Is Jesus Trustworthy?
  Andrew Chisholm  
Continuing our series on the book of John, Andrew Chisholm looks at the story of Thomas and shares how an encounter with Jesus can turn disbelief into profound trust and a transformed life.
Nicodemus - A Life Transformed by Jesus
  U-Wen Low  
In this introduction to our series on the book of John, U-Wen Low shares about how Nicodemus' life is profoundly transformed by his encounters with Jesus.
Restoration Road
  Andrew Hill  
God is in the business of restoration and as Fathers and followers of Jesus, we all need to join God at work to bring healing and love to those around us. An inspiring Father's Day message by Andrew Hill.
An Encounter with the Living King
  Ronald Ooi  
Ronald Ooi shares the story of Isaiah – how his vision of God changes and prepares him for his divine assignment.
Re-Vision for the future
  Andrew Hill  
In this message Andrew Hill explores what Luke chapter 5 has to say about the aspects of life that we need to leave behind to step into our No Limits future.
Go Ahead and Bless Someone
  Tina Waldrom  
The church is more effective when the focus is on blessings others rather than converting others. Tina Waldrom shares practical keys to bless others.
BLESS is a Habit
  Shelley Ligtermoet  
Shelley Ligtermoet explains why faith is not an act, a single choice, or even just a belief system; it is a habit and way of life.
Blessing Others
  Andrew Chisholm  
The blessing of God is always purposeful. God blesses us so that we can bless others. In this message, Andrew Chisholm explores the missional purpose, power and practice of blessing others.
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