Sons and Daughters of God
  Megan Solomon  
Regeneration changes our standing with God; adoption changes our position in God. It changes everything!
Leaving a Legacy
  Paul Zarb  
Works of significance take more than one generation to accomplish. We have to create the momentum, the vision and the resources for the next generation.
Finding Hope in the Empty Tomb
  Liz Thong  
In this poignant message, Liz reveals the transformative journey of Mary Magdalene, who emerges from the depths of despair within the tomb to discover a radiant beacon of hope in the resurrected Jesus. As we navigate the challenges of our world, where despair often looms large, may this Easter serve as a reminder that even in our darkest moments, hope can triumph lighting the path to redemption and renewal.
Jesus Weeping & Stones Cheering
  Christian Bullen  
Jesus experienced every human struggle while He was on earth, and therefore is able to care for us in our struggles. Christian shows us how Christ's life and death brings us closer to Him.
Marks of the Kingdom - Healing and Wholeness
  Godwin Shim  
Have you ever pondered why we pray for people, they experience temporary healing, but their symptoms resurface over time? Godwin delves into some of the underlying causes of illness.
Have You Lost Your Way?
  Steve Chao  
Steve invites us to look at the path we are on and whether we have been distracted by trials along the way. Have you lost your way? How can we fall back into the line towards Christ?
The Weapons of our Warfare
  Paul Zarb  
Our spiritual weapons are not carnal or fleshly, but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.
  Steve Chao  
In the new series of looking at the Kingdom of God, Steve focuses on how worship is at the centre of our lives. He discusses what is worship, why we worship, and how to worship in all circumstances.
How to Share the Gospel in Your Story
  Godwin Shim  
Godwin speaks a powerful message on the importance and necessity in the Christian life of sharing the gospel with others through our actions.
Take a Step for the Kingdom
  Megan Solomon  
Bringing God's Kingdom to earth isn't our purpose once in our lives, it is an everyday goal that we live out. Megan shares practical steps we can take to show God's light in a dark world.
Tell Your Story
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm presents the first message in our Kingdom Life Vision Series for 2024.
Stand Out
  Christian Bullen  
Christian uses Romans 12 to teach us to stand out for God, not to just go with the flow but to follow God's way.
A Wake-Up Response to the Power and Promises of God
  Megan Solomon  
God's powerful and life-changing promises in Christ invite us to respond afresh and step into this year with a sense of confidence, anticipation and joy.
Life Keys from Proverbs
  Paul Zarb  
Paul gives a teaching message on the principle of drawing wisdom from proverbs, then applying it to life.
The Relevance of Proverbs in the Christian Life
  Steve Chao  
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are intertwined resulting in discernment. Through teachability, will, perseverance, and experience, we can thread through the mess of our lives by the working and power of the Holy Spirit.
The Will of God
  Godwin Shim  
Godwin shares a powerful message on how we can search for the will of God in His Word and see how God is wanting to work in our own lives.
The Power of Team
  Megan Solomon  
God's wisdom is evident in biblical examples of the power of team. The impact is tremendous when God's people use their gifts to honour Him and serve others.
Super Me
  Ying Wah Yoong  
When we push our true emotions away with pride, we are missing out on God's true goal for our lives. Ying Wah Yoong speaks on how God can use suffering to achieve His plan for us, and the lie of worldly success.
Walking in Wisdom
  Ying Wah Yoong  
To kick off our new series, Ying Wah Yoong speaks from Proverbs 24:6 - Surely you need guidance to wage war, and victory is won through many advisers.
Community Impact
  Nic McKay   
What would our world look like if we were more open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to love people personally in each season of our lives? Nic shares a personal and profound message on the kind of love we should have for our world and the people around us.
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