I Believe in the Holy Spirit
  Liz Thong  
In this message, Liz delves into the transformative role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Discover how the Holy Spirit is not only essential for salvation but also empowers us to live purposefully with divine power and equips us to use our unique gifts for the growth and unity of the Church.
Emotional & Mental Healing
  Ying Wah Yoong  
God is the greatest treasure and more precious than all the money or comfort we could ever acquire. Ying Wah Yoong speaks an inspiring message of hope for those who are struggling emotionally, and encourages us to seek to know God more and more in these times.
The Father in Heaven
  Joe Liow  
Joe speaks practically into our lives as he explores how the earthly role of fathers reflect our great Father in heaven.
Foundations of the Faith
  Megan Solomon  
Megan looks at the important biblical faith foundations of the Apostles’ Creed and our required response - knowing and believing!
  Paul Zarb  
In 2 Timothy 2, Paul speaks to us about what it means to serve Christ as we serve others. Paul Zarb explores this today as he encourages us to build each other up as true disciples of Jesus Christ.
What is Stopping me from Doing What I Know
  Ying Wah Yoong  
Yoong speaks about how to be led by the Spirit but the need to deal with our mental shackles first.
God's Calling
  Godwin Shim  
Godwin Shim speaks about how God has called the groups and individuals to bring revelation, transformation and demonstration of his power to wherever he placed you.
The Second Coming of the Lord
  Mark Syn  
Jesus wants us to be aware of all Scripture says about His second coming, and we are the remain alert to the signs which Jesus pointed us to. Paul included this teaching in his discipleship of the Thessalonian believers.
  Andrew Chisholm  
For our mid-year vision weekend, Andrew Chisholm shares on the spiritual gift of guidance, navigation or wayfinding (1 Cor 12:29).
Jesus Christ, His Kingdom & His Command
  Steve Chao  
In the Love story journey with Jesus, He explained the essence of the kingdom of God through parables, and then he took the disciples across the Sea of Galilee to show them what is ahead of them when He takes them to those still outside the Kingdom awaiting spiritual awakening and deliverance.
Thriving Over Surviving
  Christian Bullen  
Christian speaks about young people and encourages us to come together to foster their spiritual growth.
Faith Like a Mustard Seed
  Michael Loke  
The journey of faith can begin as small as a mustard seed which God enables to grow into a large tree like His Kingdom. The secret is we are tapped into His divine power that enabled Peter to walk on water and the woman with flow of blood to be healed.
The Christian Life
  Godwin Shim  
With exciting news ahead, Godwin encourages us to keep seeking out new places where God is working and calling us to share His Word and His love.
The Personal Life
  Joe Liow  
In “The Personal Life”, Joe focuses on strengthening the believer's inner world, offering strategies for emotional, relational, and spiritual growth in Christ.
Church Life
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm shares on the importance of becoming part of a community of Christ followers and being actively engaged in church life.
The Joy of Joining God at Work
  Paulos Djini  
Paulos unpacks what it means to join God at work and the glorious joy it brings to God & how it replenishes our soul.
The Joy of Mission
Kat speaks on John 17: 13-21 and the legacy of George Verwer. She encourages us to join God's call and explores the privilege and joy of being involved in mission.
Remembering Mothers
  Lisa McInnes Smith  
On this Mother's Day weekend, shares the importance of a mother's experience and how God uses them in our lives.
Shaped to Serve
  Greg Baust  
Please read John 13:1-17 before listening to this message. Greg shares from John 13 on how we were created to serve others and follow Jesus' powerful example of servanthood.
Value of Teams
  Megan Solomon  
What we cannot do alone God will work in us to do together. A powerful message from Megan Solomon on the strength of the Church when we work together.
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