Easter Sunday Message
  Godwin Shim  
Godwin Shim shares an uplifting message on the power of Jesus' resurrection and the life we can have through him.
Good Friday Message
  Godwin Shim  
Godwin Shim shares a powerful message on the death of Jesus Christ and its meaning to us today.
A Servant King
  Steve Chao, Christian Bullen & Megan Solomon  
A presentation showcasing the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem through the eyes of those who experienced it.
Restoration - See the Open Spaces
  Gurmit Gill  
What we focus on becomes critical to our journey of faith. In this message Gurmit Gill inspires us to keep our focus on God, the open spaces of His Presence and His Provision.
Renewal - New Things
  Godwin Shim  
Godwin Shim shares a powerful message on God's renewing power in our lives and His world.
Powerful Prayers for Supernatural Results
  Liz Thong  
The key that we need to live out our Godly purpose is not just our own labor and intellect but the supernatural intervention and assistance of God in our lives. Discover how to pray powerful prayers to request, receive and experience this supernatural intervention of God! A powerful message from Liz Thong.
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm encourages us as we turn towards God in prayer and allow Him to open our hearts to new creative possibilities.
Greater Things
  John Cairns  
John Cairns shares on how God is able to lead His people toward greater things despite the challenges we face.
New Creation
  Andrew Chisholm  
2021 is a year to create, or bring new things into being. In our second vision message for the year, Andrew Chisholm shares how God makes all things new.
To Be Creative
  Andrew Chisholm  
2021 is the year to Create. In this message, Andrew Chisholm shares our vision for 2021 and how our creativity begins with God.
Legacy - Next Generation
  Godwin Shim  
Godwin Shim shares a powerful message on leaving a legacy in church & family.
  Joey Bonifacio  
joey is the senior pastor of Every Nation Singapore and serves in the International Apostolic Team of Every Nation Ministries. His passion is to influence people about Jesus and make disciples. He has an inspiring and practical message for us today.
To Be His Hands and Feet
  Joe Liow  
Joe Liow speaks to us about the greater truth that’s at the heart of the metaphor – “To Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus.”
To Be His Hands and Feet
  Racquel Bisinella-Duns  
Rule of Life, re-assessing our schedules and what we fill our days with in order that it is shaped around Remaining Fruitful. A powerful message from Racquel Bisinella-Duns.
The Journey to Wholeness in Christ
  Megan Solomon  
God desires for us to be whole in Christ, to be restored by and transformed in Him. To do this, Jesus tells us to ‘remain’ in Him (John 15) and the Spiritual Disciplines are the ‘open door’ invitations to this joyful journey. A powerful message from Megan Solomon.
To Be in His Presence
  Sam Grimshaw  
Sam Grimshaw shares on how Jesus shows us the example of how to remain in His presence.
True Identity
  Liz Thong  
Who am I? What am I defined by when all is stripped away? This message by Liz Thong challenges us to give up all the false identities that we think frame us and embrace the true identity of being the Beloved of God.
Who Made Room for Jesus
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm explores the question "Who made room for Jesus?" in the ancient Christmas story.
Peace Like a River
  Amanda Saenz  
We can experience 'peace like a river' because we have the opportunity to be in relationship with the Prince of Peace. An encouraging message from Amanda Saenz.
God Has Made Room for You
  Sam Grimshaw  
God has made room for you and wants to write His story on your heart. A powerful message from Sam Grimshaw.
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