Together at Church - One Body, Many Parts
  Liz Thong  
Paul uses the illustration of the Human Body - One Body, Many Parts in describing the church. Using this illustration, Liz Thong looks at what it means to be Together at Church in terms of our Function, Connection and Devotion.
Together in Community
  Megan Solomon  
Megan Solomon shares how the people of God can live out their calling in the community.
Workplace Relationships
  Michael Magyar  
Michael Magyar shares on living out your God given calling in your workspace.
Together in Family
  Joe Liow  
The family is under attack. Together, the family can stand strong when each member of the family live by God’s principles. A practical message from Joe Liow.
God's Mercy
  Steve Chao   
Steve Chao explores the meaning of the phrase, "you find ecstasy on the podium but the meaning of life in the pit of life".
Compelled by Love - To Bless and Build
  Kate Rodwell   
Building on the BLESS series, Kate Rodwell explores how a revelation of God's love compels us to reach out to others.
The Rhythm of Bless - Moving Into Your Neighbourhood
  Bree Kolle   
Do you see yourself as sent? Have you ever thought how God uniquely shaped you and perfectly enables you to be the hands and feet of Jesus? Discover how you can join God in His incarnational mission right in your very own neighbourhood. An inspiring message by Bree Kolle.
Mission Possible!
  Megan Solomon   
The Church's mission is to BE ON MISSION; drawing people to God's loving, saving grace. What does joining God at work, by living out the rhythms of BLESS in our own unique ways, look like? A powerful message by Megan Solomon.
The BLESS Series
  Joe Liow  
Joe Liow introduces the BLESS series by sharing what it means to live missionally.
The Poor - The Brokenhearted - The Bound
  Godwin Shim   
Godwin Shim shares some powerful insights on bringing justice to the poor, the brokenhearted and the bound through wholeness healing.
Great Love
  Chris Yong   
God's love for us is so great that it evokes a compelling response in the way we live our lives. A powerful message from Chris Yong.
RU Ok? Building Resilience in Christian Community
  Andrew Chisholm   
Andrew Chisholm shares on the issue of mental health and how a Christian community can help build resilience among those who are vulnerable.
Blessed to be a Blessing
  Kate Rodwell   
Kate Rodwell explores how we are called to be a blessing to those in our community.
Leaving a Legacy
  Jonathan Rodwell  
Husbands and fathers are called by God to lead their families in many ways. The result can be a great legacy. An encouraging message by Jonathan Rodwell.
Practical Peacemaking
  Marg Perry   
An eye for an eye is a civil response to community safety. When applied personally, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. A powerful message by Marg Perry.
But I Say to You - "Do Not Worry About Your Life"
  Joe Liow   
Jesus teaches that by entrusting ourselves to our Heavenly Father who loves us, we no longer have to worry about our needs because the ability to provide has been transferred from our hands to His. An encouraging message by Joe Liow.
Loving Your Enemies
  Peter Green  
A study of the what, why and how of Jesus' signature message - love for enemies. A moving message by Peter Green. 
Change for the Better: The Sermon on the Mount
  U-Wen Low  
U-Wen explores how the Sermon on the Mount calls us to positive transformation through Jesus' teaching on giving.
Vision Renewed
  Joe Liow  
There is a common saying that goes “vision leaks”. This message serves as a reminder to what we said we would do as a church and to continually align our actions and activities to the vision and values that we have set. A powerful message from Joe Liow.
A New Name and a Set of Keys
  Jo Saxton  
Jo Saxton shares a powerful message to complete Inspire Weekend.
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