The Life of David: Portrait of a King
  U-Wen Low  
U-Wen Low explores the life of David in 1 and 2 Samuel to draw out some key ideas.
Fit, Focused and Finishing Strong
  Tim Healy  
Tim Healy shares an encouraging message on running the race of faith well and with perseverance.
Spiritual Fitness
  Andrew Chisholm  
How is your spiritual health? Andrew Chisholm takes us through a spiritual health check for effective living.
My Part in the Story
Kate shares God's heart, His mandate for missions' and a personal response.
Empowered by the Spirit
  Winston Lee  
The Holy Spirit gives us power to carry out his purposes - he gives us wisdom, revelation, hope and he makes his immeasurably great power available to us so that we can do the good works that he has prepared for us. A powerful message from Winston Lee.
Celebrating Women of Courage
  Kim Hammond and Panel  
Kim speaks with several women who have showed faithfulness and courage and whose stories inspire and impact us this Mother's Day.
City Impact
  Amanda Saenz  
Amanda identifies the current needs within the City of Casey and explores how we are empowered both individually and collectively by The Spirit to respond to these needs for the Kingdom of God.
Empowered by the Spirit to B.L.E.S.S
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares about being empowered by the spirit to have missional rhythms and the power of story.
A Flourishing Life
  Dave Hughes  
Dave Hughes shares how the Holy Spirit leads us to live whole and flourishing lives with the desire to love and serve others.
Talkin' bout the Next Generation
  Melford Barnes  
The Next Generation of young people are our greatest generation how do we equip and prepare them for a Christian filled life. This next generation should be like King Josiah and seek God like David. A powerful message from Melford Barnes.
The Resurrected Lord Whose Kingdom is Coming
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares how King Jesus the Servant King shows us the Kingdom is coming.
Three Days that Changed the World
  Paulos Djini  
Paulos Djini unpacks the significance of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus & reminds us to hold firm to the message of the gospel.
Good Friday Presentation
  Bree Kolle  
Bree Kolle shares a Passover presentation to remind us of the power of redemption this Good Friday.
Servant King
  Amanda Saenz  
A presentation showcasing the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem through the eyes of those who experienced it.
  Paulos Djini  
Paulos Djini unpacks how God's salvation plan unfolds in our spirit, soul and body & explains how Holy Spirit renews our mind through the Word.
  Attila Siha  
Attila Siha looks at how Prayer and Fasting focuses our attention on God and restores our relationship with him.
A Faith Journey to Restoration
  Barby Bateman  
 Looking at Asaph’s Faith Journey to restoration, we can learn much from his experience contrasted to today. A powerful message from Barby Bateman.
  Amanda Saenz  
Correctly understood, repentance is not negative but positive. It is to see by divine grace what we can now become and to act upon what we see. To repent is to open our eyes to the light. An inspiring message from Amanda Saenz.
The Why and How of Meaningful Prayer
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond unpacks the WHY and the HOW and the WHY of prayer and fasting.
This is an Art Attack
  Gareth Dutlow  
God is calling us to use what we have around us to creatively solve problems and bring beauty to a world that is in need of it! An inspiring message from Gareth Dutlow.
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