Home (Part 4): Global Mission
  Greg Baust  
Home (Part 2): Welcome
  Brenda Turner  
Home (Part 1)
  Mark Conner  
Mark Conner introduces the HOME teaching series. Jesus intended his church to be a home that you belong to, not just a place or event you attend from time to time. It’s a call to stop ‘going' to church and to start ‘being' the church. We are the church and we want to be the best church family we can be. Mark looks at various aspects of the unique culture of CityLife Church.
The Church - The Recycling Centre of God, Nothing Wasted
  Attila Siha  
  Markus Richardson  
Joseph endured terrible things with amazing faith. Markus Richardson explores what Joseph taught us about Kingdom living.
The Church - Kingdom Life is Both Offense and Defense
  Brenda Turner  
The Church - 1:1 with the Coach
  Brenda Turner  
The Church - "The Fatherhood of God and His Church"
  Attila Siha  
The Church - "Don't Drop the Ball"
  Brenda Turner  
Doing Life Together
  Mark Bateman  
The "BE-Attitudes of Marriage"
  Mark Gungor  
When Families Break Down
  Mark Conner  
What happens when marriage or families break down? What about divorce and remarriage? Our Senior Minister Mark Conner will address this sensitive topic with a blend biblical wisdom and pastoral care.
Modern Family (Pt.1): Re-Thinking Family
  Mark Conner  
In this message, Mark Conner takes a fresh look at the family, including a biblical and contemporary perspective. He highlights God’s intentions for every natural family, regardless of shape and size, and emphasises the importance of seeing church as God’s spiritual family.
Water and Holy Spirit Baptism
  Attila Siha  
Jesus calls – “Come Learn from Me”
  Brenda Turner  
  Mark Conner  
In this message, Mark Conner explains what it means to be a Pentecostal church, including an understanding of the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the church today.
Shabbat: The Call to Rest
  Nicole Conner  
We are restless souls that live in a modern world that seeks meaning in activity and busyness. Amidst the wild seas of chaos Shabbat stands like a solid rock - beckoning us to joy, delight and rest. Learning to listen and reconnect is perhaps one of the greatest challenges of the restless heart. In this message, Nicole Conner speaks about what it really means about Shabbat.
A Turn of Events
  Brenda Turner  
Living Hope
  Brenda Turner  
Stuff Mum and Dad Say...
  Dan Lian  
Dan Lian takes a look at some age-old parental wisdom with a modern twist and some Biblical punch.
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