The Good Shepherd is With Me in Every Season
  Amanda Saenz  
Through the seasons outlined in Psalm 23, Amanda Saenz explores how God's presence is not seasonal but constant and abundant.
When We Rest in Jesus the Good Shepherd, We Prosper in Life
  Michael Hardacre  
Jesus is the good Shepherd who has laid down His life for us. In Him we have life abundantly and He is uniquely qualified to be Lord of our lives. A thought-provoking message from Michael Hardacre.
God-given Joy
  Melford Barnes  
Melford Barnes shares five truths about supernatural joy.
Christmas Day Message
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares from the book of Luke to illustrate the theme of a hope fulfilled by Jesus.
God's Presence With Us
  Amanda Saenz  
The ultimate purpose since the beginning of time through to eternity is for the created to have a personal relationship with their Creator. A powerful message by Amanda Saenz.
The World Was Waiting
  James Harrison  
James Harrison explores the theme of waiting in the miraculous story of Christmas.
Here Comes Heaven - Jesus Moved Into the Neighbourhood
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares about how Jesus became flesh and blood and moved into the neighbourhood.
Following Jesus Together In Our Communities
  Warwick Vincent  
Jesus is the Good Shepherd, Leader, Missionary... apart from Him, we can do nothing, but with God, all things are possible! So, ASK, SEEK, KNOCK. Warwick Vincent explores how by abiding/living in Jesus, we will bear much fruit.
The Flavour of Community - Together in Church
  Amanda Saenz  
The flavours of church community will be all the richer for having each person apart of it, not just existing in it, but involved in church life. An inspiring message by Amanda Saenz.
Together with God at Work
  Michael Hardacre and Panel   
Discovering God's good purpose in work and overcoming the challenges of work to see God's Kingdom come. An inspiring message and panel discussion facilitated by Michael Hardacre.
Relationships "Together" at Home
  Kim Hammond   
Kim Hammond teaches on developing stronger relationships in our home life that honours God.
Radical Faith - 1 Sam 14:1-15
  Ken Kamau  
A call to us as believers and the local church to choose to step out of our comfort zone, take bold steps and trust God for the unexpected. An inspiring message by Ken Kamau.
Compelled by Love
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm shares how the love of Christ compels us to be his ambassadors to the nations.
Discover Your Mission Through BLESS
  Kim Hammond   
Kim Hammond teaches on the Missio Dei and how the Father sent Jesus and sends us to build a witness Christian Community.
The Rhythm of BLESS in our Everyday
  James Harrison   
Jesus says in John 20:21, "As the Father has sent me, I am sending you". All callings land culminate in our faithfulness to proclaim and demonstrate the rule and reign of God within our families, schools, work places and communities. A thought-provoking message by James Harrison.
The Spark - Igniting a Missional Heart That Changes Everything
  Dave Hughes  
Dave Hughes explores God's call on our lives to create communities of the cross and to live beyond the 21st century pattern.
Remember the Poor
  Peter Green  
In this challenging sermon, Peter Green looks at the Biblical basis for concern and advocacy for the poor and what it means for us today.
  Stephan Munyard  
Stephan Munyard explores life as worship, as well as our heart posture in worship.
RU OK? It's OK not to be OK
  James Harrison and Panel   
A conversation with a panel of local experts to identify what mental health challenges are, how to identify someone who is struggling and equip people to be able to provide appropriate support.
Redemptive Patterns as True Fasting
  James Harrison   
We join God at work, putting relationships over rituals and maintaining a faithful presence in the places we are called to inhabit. An inspiring message by James Harrison.
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