Distracted and Devoted
  Ann-Marie Thomas  
Ann-Marie shares about how in an age of distractions, God is calling us back to Himself to be fully devoted to Him.
Kingdom Restoration
  James Thompson  
James explores what the possibilities are in Christ's life-giving resurrection. Because of Him we are invited to new spiritual life!
  Michael Grechko  
Mike explores the Easter message and how Jesus brings us joy through His sacrifice and resurrection.
  James Thompson  
In this message, James shows us God's purpose behind healing and how it is in His plan for us.
God Prepares His Labourers
  Eddie Fabiyanic  
Eddie speaks on God's heart for the lost, and how Christ prepares us, His chosen labourers, for the great harvest.
Peace from the Father
  Vian Storm  
Vian Storm shares a powerful message on the peace God can give over broken households and relationships.
Your Kingdom Come
  James Thompson  
James looks at the Lord's Prayer and the meaning it has for us. Its power, its demonstration of our relationship to God, and its humbling nature.
God's Purpose for Marriage
  Delain Gunewardena  
Delain shares practical and personal experience for our intimate relationships. Whatever your situation, God can teach you to heal, repair, and invest in our families.
Remember Your Purpose
  James Thompson  
Like the Israelites, at times of trouble or of change, we can forget where we are going and what God had called us to. James helps us to remember our purpose as Christians as we enter the new year.
Tell Your Story
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm presents the first message in our Kingdom Life Vision Series for 2024.
Jump In
  James Thompson  
James shares a powerful message about how the promises of God can help us to step in to everything He has planned for our lives.
The Power of Empathy
  Mark Bateman  
Mark chats about his journey into Chaplaincy and the power of empathy that creates amazing opportunities.
  Alicia Devonshire  
Alicia speaks on the practice of discipling and how and why we can incorporate it into our lives.
God has so much more for us
  Ann-Marie Thomas  
Ann-Marie shares a reflective message on God's possibilities for us in our lives this year.
The Good News of Jesus
  James Thompson  
James speaks about how Jesus addressed sin in the world around Him and what His earthly ministry means for us.
Wisdom for Leaders
  Andrew Chisholm  
From the book of Proverbs and the life of King Solomon, Andrew Chisholm explores how servant leaders can find wisdom from God.
The Power of Words
  Amanda Saenz   
Amanda shares how the book of Proverbs helps us to use our words carefully and to speak life rather than death over ourselves and others.
Wisdom for Wealth
  Michael Magyar   
Our financial resources matter to God. Michael speaks on what the Bible has to say about our money and how we should approach financial decisions to the glory of God.
Wisdom of Sabbath
  Dee Kaylock  
Dee speaks on the importance of the Sabbath and how God wants us to use our rest.
What is Wisdom?
  Dee Kaylock  
Dee explores how wisdom is personified and described in the book of Proverbs. What is wisdom according to God?
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