Strength to Love
  James Harrison   
Jesus calls us to a transformed way of responding to those in close proximity. To love your enemy is not an ideal; it is the whole expression of Jesus on the cross before his accusers and our example of living upside down to the natural desires for revenge and conflict. An inspiring message by James Harrison.
But I Say to You...Do Not Judge
  Shelley Ligtermoet  
Jesus rebukes hypocritical and self-righteous judgement of others. In order for us to see clearly and guide others in Kingdom living we must first examine our own lives. A thought-provoking message from Shelley Ligtermoet.
Vision Renewed
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares what God has put on his heart for the hopeful and exciting future of Citylife Casey.
A New Name and a Set of Keys
  Jo Saxton  
Jo Saxton shares a powerful message to complete Inspire Weekend.
The Disciple on Mission
  Jo Saxton  
Jo Saxton explores the mission of a disciple.
The Disciple in Community - The Life Together
  Jo Saxton  
Jo Saxton explores the life of a disciple in community.
Present vs Absent
  Michael Hardacre  
Michael Hardacre shares how experiences of absence in his life have been restored through the presence of God.
Super Ordinary Heroes
  Bree Kolle  
Through exploring the life of Moses, Bree Kolle illustrates how God's name and presence is enough.
Faith - Our Powerful Weapon
  Paulos Djini  
Abraham took God at His Words and didn’t doubt Him. Paulos Djini unpacks why we have to fight doubt daily to live a life of victory and blessings.
Elijah, A Picture of Complete Trust
  Amanda Saenz  
When faith believes enough to obey, it is saying, regardless of the consequences, I choose to trust.
Abraham and the Faithfulness of God
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm shares an encouraging message about Abraham’s faith journey from barrenness and loneliness to blessing
Super Ordinary Heroes - Joseph
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond teaches on the life of Joseph and how he was faithful through his journey of highs and lows.
David - Living in Tune With God's Heartbeat
  Markus Koch  
Exploring the life of David, Markus Koch illustrates how we can life a life in tune with God's heartbeat.
Ruth - Nothing Just Happens
  Susanna Koch  
The book of Ruth is a story of God's providence. Through looking at her life we discover the extraordinary outcome when ordinary people trust in Him.
Mandate for Miracles
  Mark Bateman  
Mark Bateman shares a great message on the power and authority Christ gave to His people to silence and destroy the works of evil, bringing people to faith.
Created for Sabbath
  Amanda Saenz  
Amanda Saenz and her panel of speakers unpack the value and importance of Sabbath (Rest).
Love Breaks Through Fear
  Stanislav Bubik  
Stanislav Bubik unpacks how God’s love empowers us to break the fear and intimidation that can impair us from being effective in God’s Kingdom.
Love Breaks Through
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond unpacks how the love of God empowers His children to break racial, political, and cultural barriers to impact peoples’ lives.
The Resurrected Scars of Jesus
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares a powerful message on how the scars of Jesus show us His amazing forgiveness and resurrecting power.
All For Love - Love One Another
  Steve Swain   
Steve Swain shares ways we can express God's love to one another.
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