Rhythms of Prayer and Praise
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm is joined by Kim Hammond and Brisita Rojas to explore the theme of prayer and praise in times of change.
What Remains in Times of Change
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm is joined by Paulos Djini and Kim Hammond in a new setting for our online church service. Together they explore the constant love and preservation of God during times of uncertainty.
How the Enemy Affects our Health
  Paulos Djini  
The enemy plans to destroy our health. Paulos Djini unpacks the enemy's tactics and ways in which we could overcome him.
Learning From Jesus How to Battle
  Michael Hardacre  
Jesus's response to temptation gives us insight into the nature of deception and how we are to battle it. A powerful message by Michael Hardacre.
Prayer and Fasting
  Warwick Vincent  
Prayer with fasting is one of the best ways to humble ourselves, deny self, say no to the flesh and make room in our lives for God. It is like turning up the amplifier of God's voice and activity in our lives. Warwick Jones explores this theme in a powerful message.
Spiritual Formation Frames the Vision
  James Harrison  
Like a the frame on a classical painting or the frame hidden by the walls of a house, spiritual practices frame, enhance and provide a robust structure to our personal role in joining God at work. A thought-provoking message by James Harrison.
By My Spirit - A Missional Movement That Grows and Multiplies
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares how God wants us to be led by his spirit and not despise the little things which lead to incredible things.
By My Spirit - Moving Mountains
  Andrew Chisholm  
In this vision message for 2020, Andrew Chisholm shares on Moving Mountains and Building the Church by God’s spirit and grace.
The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond teaches on making room for God, others and yourself while practising good rhythms and eliminating hurry from our lives.
Our Good Shepherd Gives Us Rest
  James Harrison  
James Harrison closes our series, "God's Got the Rest" by reflecting on Psalm 23.
The Good Shepherd is With Me in Every Season
  Amanda Saenz  
Through the seasons outlined in Psalm 23, Amanda Saenz explores how God's presence is not seasonal but constant and abundant.
When We Rest in Jesus the Good Shepherd, We Prosper in Life
  Michael Hardacre  
Jesus is the good Shepherd who has laid down His life for us. In Him we have life abundantly and He is uniquely qualified to be Lord of our lives. A thought-provoking message from Michael Hardacre.
God-given Joy
  Melford Barnes  
Melford Barnes shares five truths about supernatural joy.
Christmas Day Message
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares from the book of Luke to illustrate the theme of a hope fulfilled by Jesus.
God's Presence With Us
  Amanda Saenz  
The ultimate purpose since the beginning of time through to eternity is for the created to have a personal relationship with their Creator. A powerful message by Amanda Saenz.
The World Was Waiting
  James Harrison  
James Harrison explores the theme of waiting in the miraculous story of Christmas.
Here Comes Heaven - Jesus Moved Into the Neighbourhood
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares about how Jesus became flesh and blood and moved into the neighbourhood.
Following Jesus Together In Our Communities
  Warwick Vincent  
Jesus is the Good Shepherd, Leader, Missionary... apart from Him, we can do nothing, but with God, all things are possible! So, ASK, SEEK, KNOCK. Warwick Vincent explores how by abiding/living in Jesus, we will bear much fruit.
The Flavour of Community - Together in Church
  Amanda Saenz  
The flavours of church community will be all the richer for having each person apart of it, not just existing in it, but involved in church life. An inspiring message by Amanda Saenz.
Together with God at Work
  Michael Hardacre and Panel   
Discovering God's good purpose in work and overcoming the challenges of work to see God's Kingdom come. An inspiring message and panel discussion facilitated by Michael Hardacre.
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