Reimagining Missions
  Paulos Djini  
Paulos Djini points us to mission opportunities right in our neighbourhoods to the mission fields overseas & gives us key principles to join God at work.
True Greatness
  Simon Longden  
True greatness is true influence. It is wrapped up in your capacity to point out who Jesus is to the world. A powerful message from Simon Longden.
Influence - Community Impact
  Marg Perry  
Our role in our community is to notice what needs restoring and bring the restoration power of the gospel to that situation.
Joining God at Work Together
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond teaches from the book of Luke, on how we are sent corporately as a community, together to demonstrate and proclaim the good news of Jesus.
Lifestyles that Impact
  Andrew Chisholm  
Jesus modelled a relational lifestyle that impacted people at a deep personal level. Andrew Chisholm explores how we can also influence others as we follow Jesus.
Eyes for Eternity
  Jason Smith  
Jason Smith explains through Scripture that as God opens our eyes to eternity, the truth will compel us to (1) think, (2) feel and (3) act differently on a daily basis.
  Andrew Chisholm  
A message from Andrew Chisholm on building resilience in Christian community when we face challenges that impact our mental and emotional well-being.
A Dangerous Moment in Fathering
  Allan Meyer  
The father/son relationship is critical in how life unfolds. It is a relationship of both danger and opportunity. Embrace the power of repair.
When the River Bed Runs Dry
  Greg Baust  
Greg Baust shares with us where to look to keep the river of God's Joy flowing in in our lives. As originally performed by Sons of Korah 2005. Used by permission
Servant of a Merciful God
  James Harrison  
James Harrison considers from Psalm 123, the rhythms of a Servant, who is observant to the gestures and character of their master, and how they respond in a world of competing masters.
Psalm 122 - Worship
  Megan Solomon  
God's mandate for His people to worship Him has never changed. Megan Solomon explores Psalm 122 which is a beautiful example of this done well.
Where Does My Help Come From?
  Brisita Rojas  
Brisita Rojas explores Psalm 121 and the almighty, intimate and eternal nature of God.
Repentance - Psalm 120
  Andrew Chisholm  
As we pursue God’s best in life there are times we can become disoriented—from Psalm 120 Andrew Chisholm examines how to start re-orientating our journey through repentance.
Give Me This Mountain
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm shares stories from the book of Joshua and CityLife Church that demonstrate how the influence of God’s Kingdom continues to expand through courage and creativity.
  Dave Ferguson  
If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do? Dave Ferguson shares an empowering message on the importance of courage to do God's work.
An Encouraging Presence
  Andrew Chisholm  
As part of the Inspire Conference, Andrew Chisholm shares from Joshua 1:1-18 to reflect on how God’s presence fills us with courage, and also give us the capacity to encourage others.
Hero Makers
  Dave Ferguson  
Dave Ferguson kicks off the Inspire Conference by inspiring us to be Hero Makers.
Kingdom Generosity
  Jason Smith  
Kingdom Generosity sets a high standard for giving as God is generous, mirroring His nature and character to those around us, and not just donating money and things out of our surplus. A powerful message from Jason Smith.
God Opportunities
  Frank Damazio  
Frank Damazio speaks to us about how to not only see opportunities God has given to us, but to seize them wholeheartedly.
A Missional Theology to Bless
  Racquel Bisinella-Duns  
Although God's Kingdom is unshakeable and His influence unstoppable; God desires to shift us, shake us, and stop us in this season to realign us to His mission.
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