Going One Degree
  Kim Hammond  
What can we do as the Church of Christ to keep serving one another and our community? A reflective message from Kim Hammond.
Partnership with God
  Greg Baust  
Greg Baust speaks on our partnership we have in the Gospel and the individual relationship each Christian has with the Holy Spirit.
The Mystery of the Church
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew shares a reflective message on what makes the Church a community of God and our purpose to glorify Him.
Never Forsaken
  Nic Mackay   
The National Director of Nayba, Nic Mackay, shares an encouraging message on mental health and the power of God's enduring love.
Shared Life
  Amanda Saenz   
Loving others means sharing not only the message of the Cross, but sharing our lives with one another. We cannot live the Christian life in isolation or from a distance. An inspiring message from Amanda Saenz.
Kingdom Life Together
  Michael Magyar   
Christ changes hearts from the inside out and He calls us as His chosen people to minister to the nations against the powers of darkness. A powerful message from Michael Magyar.
  Melford Barnes  
Melford Barnes shares an inspiring message on what it means to call the Church our home and how we can accomplish that in our lives
Part of the Church
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares a personal message on the importance of Church life and supporting one another in fellowship
Covenantal community
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond speaks on the importance of community in the Church and fellowship with the people of God
We are Christ's Body
  AJ Heins  
AJ Heins encourages the Church to keep bringing God's Kingdom to our neighbour and reminds us that we are the body of Christ
The Holy Spirit Guides
  Gary Rucci  
Garry Rucci shares an inspiring message about how the Holy Spirit guides and leads us in unstable times.
Taking Care of our Mental Health
  Dee Kaylock  
Dee Kaylock speaks about being aware of our mental health as well as of those around us, and shares strategies for allowing ourselves to rest in the love of God.
Spiritual Fathers
  Melford Barnes   
On this Father's Day weekend, Melford Barnes shares a contemplative message on spiritual fathers in our life and how we can be spiritual fathers to others
Gifts of the Spirit
  James Thompson  
James Thompson shares a inspiring message about the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
The Fruits of the Spirit
  Amanda Saenz  
Amanda Saenz shares a powerful message on the Fruit of the Spirit and what it looks like in our lives.
He's Writing the Story
  Gary Morgan  
Are you allowing God to write your story? Gary Morgan shares a prophetic message on Spirit Life.
Receiving the Holy Spirit
  Peter Dawson  
Peter Dawson shares a powerful message on who the Holy Spirit is and what He does in our lives.
Receiving the Holy Spirit
  Sam Berkoh  
The Holy Spirit coming upon believers is a central theme of the New Testament. Sam Berkoh shares what it means for us to receive the Holy Spirit.
Living in the Vision
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew Chisholm reflects on the importance of not just looking at but living in our Fully Alive vision.
The Spirit of the Lord
  Peter Dawson  
Tracking how God's Spirit came upon people in scriptures, Peter Dawson shares an empowering message on the Holy Spirit in our lives today.
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