The Power of Discipleship
  James Thompson  
James Thompson shares an inspiring message on the importance of discipleship as we follow Christ.
The Trouble with Tents
  Fred Porter  
Guest speaker, Fred Porter draws of the story of Abraham to illustrate the mighty power of God in our lives.
Be an Example
  Amanda Saenz  
Beginning our Influencers series, Amanda Saenz shares a powerful message on discipleship.
The Power of the Holy Spirit
  Melford Barnes  
Melford Barnes shares a powerful message on the power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers.
Seek First the Kingdom
  James Thompson  
James Thompson shares an inspiring message which encourages us to seek the Kingdom of God in our lives.
City Impact
  Amanda Saenz  
What does it mean to live and lead missionally? An inspiring message by Amanda Saenz on City Impact.
Kingdom Life
  Samdy Leang  
Samdy Leang shares powerful stories of the Kingdom from his work in Cambodia.
Beauty from Ashes
  Amanda Saenz and Panel  
Amanda Saenz shares a word from Isaiah on God's promise to bring beauty from the broken. Afterwards, a panel of inspiring women share their stories of hope.
A Heart for Community
  Stacey Aslangul  
As followers of Jesus, what are we doing to ensure that no one is forgotten in community? Stacey Aslangul shares an inspirational and personal message.
What Does it Cost?
  Andrew Chisholm  
What does it cost to give away something we have freely received? Andrew Chisholm looks at the cost of following Jesus and joining His team.
Where Do We Find Hope?
  Kim Hammond  
On this Easter Sunday, Kim Hammond shares a powerful message on the significance of Jesus' resurrection.
Paid in Full
  Paulos Djini  
This Good Friday, Paulos Djini shares how Jesus paid for our sins in full on the cross.
My Peace I Give to You
  Amanda Saenz  
Drawing from Matthew 21, Amanda Saenz shares a thought-provoking message on the significance of Palm Sunday.
In God's Family
  James Thompson  
James Thompson shares his story of faith in the context of God's plans for His family, the church.
Suffering in This World
  Paulos Djini  
Paulos Djini explores the topic of sickness and suffering and what this means in the context of living victoriously in Christ.
Living Victoriously: Healing
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond explores the concept of healing and what this means for us as we live Fully Alive in Christ.
Faith to Move Mountains
  Amanda Saenz  
We can stand in faith and declare our mountains be moved because of the authority and power given to us by God. A powerful message from Amanda Saenz.
Trains of Thought
  Dee Kaylock  
In this peaceful message, Dee Kaylock shares on the concept of thought and how we can draw closer to Christ through reflective moments with Him.
The Power of the Holy Spirit
  Paulos Djini  
Paulos Djini unpacks the power of the Spirit and shares helpful steps on how we can experience God’s power in our lives and ministry.
Fully Alive Through the Holy Spirit
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond explores how the Holy Spirt is there to help us be Fully Alive in all of life.
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