God the Son
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrews looks at the importance of the person of Christ to know God fully. How can we know the Son of God?
Hold Fast
  Mark Bateman  
It's easy to slip into the pace of life and forget our identity as God's children. Mark speaks on the importance of holding fast to our faith and the door God has opened for us.
  Sam Berkoh  
When tough times come, we must hold fast to the roots of our faith. Sam Berkoh delves into how we can strengthen our foundations so that we are not shaken in difficult times.
Race to Run
  James Thompson  
James speaks from Hebrews on how God uses our trials in life to strengthen and teach us. We all have a race to run. What is God calling you to for His purpose?
The Impact of Life Groups
  Amanda Saenz   
Amanda looks at the purpose of Life Groups in the church as we hear testimonies from the congregation on how Life Groups have impacted them.
A Step to Lead
  Paulos Djini  
Paulos speaks on the meaning of Christian leadership and gives us examples of how we can step out into being a servant leader in our lives.
  Andrew Chisholm  
For our mid-year vision weekend, Andrew Chisholm shares on the spiritual gift of guidance, navigation or wayfinding (1 Cor 12:29).
Surrender in Death
  James Thompson  
In the third week of the Overcome series, James explores the theme of martyrdom and how we can come out victorious throughout whatever battles we are facing.
Find Your Promises
  James Thompson  
God has not forgotten us and He is always at work in our lives. James shares an inspiring message about God's promises to us and the power of His witnesses.
  Jimmy and Petra  
Before Petra shares her testimony, Jimmy speaks on the power of the blood of Jesus to overcome our spiritual battles.
What’s Down In The Well, Comes Up In The Bucket
  Amanda Saenz   
Amanda speaks on what it looks like to go deeper in our faith no matter our season in life--in sickness, suffering or prospering we should always look to our Lord, Christ the cornerstone.
Learning is a Life-Long Process
  Andrew Chisholm  
Andrew encourages Casey today to take another step into Church Life as we all strive for one mission, the Kingdom of God.
Shared Life
  James Thompson  
Today we are kicking off our new “On track” series - this is taken from material from our life tracks course. Our vision for this year as a church is "Take another step together" and we want to see everyone take another step together in growth and development as Christians by completing at least one LifeTracks course in 2023. So, let's get our notepads out and lean in as we welcome James to share with us today.
Kim's Farewell
  Kim Hammond  
In Kim's last sermon before he leaves CityLife Casey, he reflects on his service to God and speaks on the importance Mukti has on women's lives.
Entrusted with the Gospel
  James Chacko  
Christ calls all His followers to the great responsibility of the Gospel mission. James Chacko speaks on why we should take the Gospel seriously, and how we can be good stewards of God's Gospel which He has entrusted to us.
God's City Around the World
  Stanislav Bubik   
Stanislav encourages each of us in this message to obey God's calling for mission. However big or small we contribute, we are all part of God's story and His city across the globe.
Going Up
  James Thompson  
What does it mean to be 'going up'? James explores today how we can give our praises to God with the gifts He has given us.
A Step in Faith
  Ali Barnes  
God called Abraham to a great life of faith which He used as an example throughout history to show us what His followers should look like. Ali unpacks what it means to step out in faith and encourages us with her personal testimony.
The Fear and Power of God
  Sam Berkoh  
Sam Berkoh speaks an inspiring message from the parable of the talents, showing us what it means to fear God, our master, and to step up and use our gifts for Him.
Resurrection Sunday
  Kim Hammond  
As we celebrate our great God and His magnificent resurrection, Kim gives us an encouraging word to keep sharing our burdens with one another through pain and suffering.
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