Starlight Guiding Us Home
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares about how God is not limited to a sanctuary space or a service time. God is with us and can be in us and there is a difference between religion and a relationship with God.
Starlight - God's Guiding Light
  Attila Siha  
Drawing on the events in Bethlehem, Attila Siha looks at the way God leads us to be a part of His plan for the Kingdom of God.
Starlight: An Invitation to Wonder
  James Harrison   
Like stars, Jesus is a wonder to behold. Crowds, teachers and children were all drawn to Him centuries ago, James Harrison explores why this still rings true today.
Church Doesn't Work Without People
  Kim Hammond  
In this message on Volunteer Appreciation weekend, Kim Hammond spends some time reflecting on the powerful ways God can use service and fellowship to make a difference in the church.
God's Transforming Kindness
  Attila Siha  
 In this message Attila Siha looks at the kindness of God and how it transforms us to show kindness, even when it is a challenge.
Kindness is Love In(ward) Action
  Amanda Saenz   
Amanda Saenz shares a great message on the inner workings of kindness.
Kindness: The Heart of God for Others
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares how God is kind and His grace and love to the world is an example of how we are to live.
The Road to Transformation: Alive in the Moment
  Dave Hughes  
Life is an adventure and transformation is a slow process. The optimal conditions for change are: crisis, contemplation, character and community. But the key is an open-heart in every moment and take one hopeful, humble and open-handed step at a time. An inspiring message by Dave Hughes.
Blessing Nations
  Andrew Chisholm  
In this message, Andrew Chisholm explores practices of blessing that can empower God's people to impact nations.
Hopeful and overflowing
  James Harrison  
We bear witness to the good news that God is active in our neighbourhoods, schools and workplaces. James Harrison shares an encouraging word on how God’s Kingdom will be established through our lives lived in submission.
Money, Money, Money in a rich man’s world
  Steve Swain  
Christians are called to live counter culturally in every area of their lives, perhaps especially in finances. This is a major issue in today's society, mentioned in the news almost daily. Steve Swain asks, “How do Christians respond to this issue?”
It Is Well
  Brisita Rojas  
Brisita Rojas brings an encouraging word from John 4 - Jesus is the one that we can rely upon during the challenges of life.
From Failure to Restoration
  Andrew Hill  
In this message, Andrew Hill explores how the two fires described in John 18 and John 21 are linked. Jesus takes Peter back to a place of failure in order to move him to a place of restoration; and He can do the same for us today.
Jesus Wept
  Kim Hammond  
Kim Hammond shares from the book of John about trusting Jesus in times of grief and loss.
Encountering Jesus - The call to follow and trust
  Attila Siha  
Attila Siha looks at how an encounter with Jesus transformed his disciples and inspired them to follow and fully trust in Him.
Dads, a planting of the Lord
  Ken Harris  
God gives men an extraordinary role, Protectors of the faith, Producers of Christ love, Providers to our children. A inspiring message by Ken Harris.
Jesus, our Good Shepherd
  Warwick Vincent  
We all know Psalm 23, but how do we live with Jesus as our Good Shepherd, in the everyday of life? An inspiring message by Warwick Vincent.
Re-Vision for the future
  Andrew Hill  
In this message Andrew Hill explores what Luke chapter 5 has to say about the aspects of life that we need to leave behind to step into our No Limits future.
This Little Light of Mine
  Sam Hearn  
Sam Hearn shares stories from the neighbourhood and reflections from the journey following Jesus, encouraging us to be the salt and light in our world.
Let's do ACTS in our HOMES
  Mark Bateman  
The Church started in the homes in the Book of ACTS. Mark Bateman talks on being an everyday ACTS doer.
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