We have taken the exciting opportunity to create a permanent home for CityLife Church Casey, in partnership with Waverley Christian College as part of their Narre Warren South Campus. The Multi Purpose Centre (MPC) is a 900 seat, multi-purpose auditorium/gymnasium as of 26 March 2017. CityLife Church Casey will meet in the MPC on the weekends and use the facility in the evenings during the week. The many benefits of this larger auditorium include air conditioning, better access (no ramps or steps), on-site storage and minimal set up. It is anticipated that, in time a Community Centre and offices will also be built on the site, giving us a midweek presence.

From our early beginnings in 1967, under the leadership of our founding pastor Richard Holland, CityLife Church has been about God transforming people - one life at a time, one story at a time. We’ve done this in many spaces and places over our journey and what a great heritage we have with so many stories of God at work over many decades of fruitful ministry!

Buildings don’t change people’s lives but what happens in them can and does!

Our last major building project at our Knox site cost $7 million. It was completed debt-free in 2004 because of the faith and sacrifice of our congregation at that time. Since that time, we have seen significant growth in the impact our church has had within various communities through our congregations at Knox, Casey, Manningham and Whittlesea.

The project has cost over $7 million. We are contributing $1 million as a church community. We raised so far a total of $438,000 towards the project. This year is our final year of fundraising and we are aiming to raise the whole amount of $250,000. This is a large sum of money, but it is amazing what we can do together.

We enthusiastically encourage you to join us in this exciting story building project by (1) praying about what God would have you give; (2) making a pledge; and then (3) giving that amount by the end of this year (31 December 2017).

Andrew Hill - Senior Minister
Kim Hammond - Lead Pastor CityLife Church Casey


This project is another exciting step forward in helping to fulfil our mission. Our community and congregation (current and future) will benefit greatly from these improvements for many years to come. We are so excited about the vision for our permanent home, for increased faith as we trust God for finances as he brings the resources through us, and that this faith will cause us to believe for greater things to come. This is an opportunity to establish a community presence for CityLife Church that will reach this city for generations to come to see many come to faith and be transformed into fervent followers of Jesus Christ. We are on a mission from God. Are you in? ~ Kim Hammond - Lead Pastor CityLife Church Casey

When my family came to CityLife Church Casey, we had finally found a place to call home. I'm so thrilled that our church is finally finding a home as well! Church isn't just getting together, singing songs and listening to a sermon; it is a community, a family. This project has me so excited, because it means that so many more people all over this city will find their family in Christ. I can't wait to be a part of building other people's stories! ~ Gareth Dutlow

Every person has a story to tell and every one of those stories is precious to God. I really believe that as we step out in faith and sow toward 'The Story Building Project' that greater opportunities will come to reach out to our community. I can't wait to hear more of those precious stories of lives being transformed as we partner with God in what He is doing in our community. ~ Bree Kolle

I am excited about the stories of transformed lives and restored relationships at CityLife Church Casey and having better facilities will only enhance our ability to make and share our new stories. Let's take a leap of faith to start this new journey. ~ Attila Siha - Pastor

We are grateful and thankful that God has placed us at CityLife Church Casey to be part of this exciting journey. We belong and are loved in this community. Our hope is that when Casey has a permanent building, that this same love will reach deep into the community around us and that others will find the acceptance and freedom that we experience every week. As a family we are excited that we get to share in the vision of building Casey a home. ~ Jude & Karen Perumal

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be followed up about my pledge?

Your pledge will not be followed up. It simply gives us an indication of how much people intend to give, which helps us in our financial planning.

Will donations to the project be tax deductible?

Yes, all those who can benefit from a tax deduction for their donation can do so by giving to our Kingdom Investment Fund for this project.

Download: Specific information on the giving methods and tax deductibility

Can I re-direct some of my regular giving to this project?

Our current regular giving (tithes and offerings) helps to resource the ministries of the church. In order to sustain these ministries, we ask that donations to this project be in addition to your other regular giving. We do not want any area of ministry to have to reduce their resources in favour of the building being completed.

What is CityLife's current financial situation?

Through the generous giving of our congregation and the good financial management of our leadership team, CityLife is currently debt-free with some savings in the bank.

Why don't we just borrow the $1 million?

Taking a bank loan is possible, but would cost thousands of dollars in interest and would require us to reduce the amount of money we are investing directly in ministry, something we do not want to do.

How much has been raised?

$130,445 was raised in 2014, $172,589 in 2015 and $134,966 in 2016 giving a current total of $438,000 towards the project.

When will fundraising be completed?

This will be the final year of fundraising. If we raise the funds before the end of the year, we will let people know and close the fundraising as we did in 2004 when our last project was fully funded. If not all of the funds are raised by the end of the year, we will assess our financial situation and determine how to cover any shortfall.

Why don't we buy our own land and construct our own building?

To purchase land and construct our own facility in the Casey area would cost well over $15 million, something which is beyond our reach at this time. This is a tremendous opportunity to partner with the College for our mutual benefit, similar to the situation with CityLife Knox and the College Wantirna South campus.

How much land is on the College's Narre Warren South site?

This site has 18 acres and the master plan enables the College to grow to an enrolment of 1,300 students, with the future possibility of a Community Centre and offices for our church (subject to council planning approvals.)

Is Waverley Christian College a ministry of the church?

Yes, it is. It is a separate incorporated association with strong governance links to CityLife through our Board of Elders who are the members of the association. The College is self-funding. It caters to the needs of students from a wide variety of church communities providing them with a quality Christian education.

Will this project affect our community and overseas mission ministries?

Our commitment to our community ministry and to missions is as strong as it ever has been and so we do not want to reduce any of the current resources we are investing in these core ministries of the church. In fact, as we grow, our capacity to expand these areas of ministry also grows.


It is our time to play our part and take a step in faith. As we do, we will grow and God will continue to transform lives for His glory.

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