About a month ago I met Michelle, a lady who was acquainted with my son, who was going to have a medical procedure the following day. I felt compelled to pray for her and also helped her with a small financial gift, as she was short on cash needed to fill her medical prescription. She was very moved by my prayer and opened up, telling me how she had experienced God in a powerful way when she was younger; yet life had taken her through tough roads and she was now quite broken and hurting. The following day she called to let me know how her medical procedure went.

She was thankful that the results were better than expected; then she asked me if she could come to church with us. I was so glad she asked before I had a chance to invite her. On Good Friday Michelle came to church with us, bringing along her 16-year-old daughter and her daughter's best friend. They all responded to the Gospel and took home a Bible, excited to be back on Easter Sunday; and the following Sunday, and the next... every time bringing along another friend or family member. Last weekend Michelle, her two daughters, along with their 16-year-old friend responded to Frank Demazio's message, going to the front for the altar call. They attended the Alpha course this week and also want to be water baptised. There is great joy, not only in Heaven, when someone finds hope and faith in Jesus. I am amazed at the ripple-effect a simple gesture of love can have in so many people’s lives. We are called to partner with God and as we do our little part in obedience, the Holy Spirit does the rest.

~ Flory

Posted in April 2015

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