I Am
In Exodus 3 Moses gets to encounter and speak with God. He asks Him a question that humanity has been asking for hundreds of years: Who are you? God replies by saying that He is I AM (or I will be who I will be). The revelation is both challenging (our God is truly greater and better than anything we can comprehend) and comforting (this God is approachable and knowable). This I AM statement became from this moment a way of speaking of God. Throughout the Bible there are different revelations of who He truly is. Jesus revealed who God truly is. In Him we see what God is like (Col 1:15. John 1:1-4). He Himself identifies with God and reveals more about the great I AM. Seven times he expounds on the I AM. He says He is the Bread of Life, Light of the World, Gate, Good Shepherd, Way Truth and Life, Vine, Resurrection and the Life. As we look at these revelations may we discover that they are not just DESCRIPTIVE statements of what God is like but PRESCRIPTIVE statements of who He wants to be in us.

(John 8:12-20) Here we see Jesus revealing Himself as: I AM the Light of the World. Jesus is making this statement in the temple during the Feast of Tabernacles (Lev 23) which was celebrated annually to remember how God rescued Israel out of Egypt, led them through the wilderness and brought them to the Promised Land. Each night they would light menorahs (giant lamp stands) in the middle of the temple as a reminder of God’s guidance as a pillar of fire and a promise of His light one day drawing all humanity to Himself (Isa 60:1-4). Jesus stands up and says He is the light of the entire world. What a shocking, provocative and powerful statement to make in the midst of such a celebration. Not only does He say He is THE (not a light or one of the lights) light but He makes this light available to those who would follow Him. Jesus was and still is the only Light of the World. He is the light that never goes out.

The reality of Jesus being the Light of the World is unchanged. But the implications and applications for us must always be changing. Here are 3 important questions to ask in light of such a revelation:
a) Is Jesus the light of YOUR world?
We can often get distracted and led away by the artificial lights of our world. Religion, materialism, success, finances, prestige. We must make sure Jesus is the main light in our world.
b) Is Jesus the light guiding you THROUGH your world?
Believing in the light is the first step. Following the light and allowing it to change your walk is the next. Just as a car needs lights to guide us as we drive in the night, we need the light of Jesus to guide us through life. The light is given as we follow. In other words if we want to have His light we need to be on the move. 
c) Is Jesus the light guiding you TOO your world?
The light is not just for us it is for all those around us. Our world needs the light of Jesus more than ever. We must not keep the light hidden (Matt 5:14-16)

Discussion Questions
1. What are some of the I AM revelations you can think of (e.g. Healer, provider)?
2. Which of the 7 I AM statements speaks most to what you need in your world right now?
3. What are some of the artificial lights we can get distracted by?
4. What is provocative and challenging about Jesus saying He is the light of the world?
5. What areas in your life do you need the light of God to shine on?
6. How can we practically allow the light of Jesus to guide us in our daily lives?
7. Who in our world needs the light of Jesus most at this time?
8. Why does our world need to know Jesus as the light of the world more than ever?

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