Growing up with siblings, some of the most common words we hear were “It’s not fair”. We often compare our rewards and discipline with our siblings’. At times, we can feel things are not fair. This does not stop when we get older. We compare and contrast our marriages, income levels, and children with those around us. We can even do this when it comes to our walk with God.

Sometimes we think that God has favourites and that He loves and blesses some people more than others. We can even use words such as “anointed”. Sometimes we think some are anointed while others are not. Is this what anointing is about?

The Hebrew word for anoint is “masach”, which means “to smear”. It was used by shepherds on their sheep. They would pour a flask of oil over the head of a sheep to protect it from insects and infection. This practice was also used to appoint a person for a special task. A king, priest or prophet had a flask of oil poured over them as a sign that they had the presence of God and a purpose.

Jesus was anointed fully (Luke 4) and called us to walk in His anointing (Luke 10). He gave to His followers the Holy Spirit (John 16:7, Acts 1:8) who is with all believers (Eph 1). Key verses un-package “anointing” as from God (2 Cor 1:21) and not people (1 John 2:27).

The anointing is the Holy Spirit working within humans to live the life they were created to live.
So many Christians believe that only some are anointed. What makes a person anointed is when they work with the Holy Spirit in the grace that they have been given (Ephesians 4, Romans 12)! The anointing is not somewhere outside and you have to try and work to get in; it is inside wanting to break out.

Anointed Living
The anointing changes our lives:
1. Purpose
As we allow the anointing to work in us, we find purpose and meaning in everyday life.
2. Place
The anointing is not vague or ethereal but grounded in reality. We must learn to be faithful with the anointing in small places when no one is watching. If we are faithful with the small, God will entrust to us bigger things.
3. Power
The anointing gives us power that is greater than ourselves. We have power to heal, pray, prophesy, teach, encourage, inspire, etc., because of the Holy Spirit.

Discussion Questions
1. Why do we think some people are more anointed than others?
2. What qualities or signs do we look for in someone who is anointed?
3. Read 2 Cor 1:21 and 1 John 2:27 and discuss what these verses say about the anointing.
4. Discuss what gifts and calling each of your group has been given by the Holy Spirit.
5. What are some of the areas that the anointing wants to overflow in, that perhaps, we have forgotten or neglected?
6. Which of these words (purpose, place, power) is God calling you to grow in?
7. Spend some time praying for the anointing to flow in a new way.
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