God’s response to healing is always Yes or Not Yet

Extremes: We generally lean towards God always heals or rarely heals
1. Spend some time discussing the extremes of healing you may have encountered in your life. How did these make you feel?
2. Our view on healing doesn’t get us into heaven. But it does shape our experience of heaven on earth. Discuss what this means.

Bible: The Bible shows healing is a normal part of the Christian’s life
          - Healing is consistent with God’s character (Ex 15:26)
          - Healing is consistent with Jesus (Mark 1:16-33)
          - Healing is consistent with Jesus commands (Luke 9/10, Mark 16)
          - Healing is consistent with the life of the early church (Acts 3, James 5)
          - Heaven is the ultimate healer (1 Cor 15, Rev 21)

There are generally 3 views on healing (spend some time discussing each of them):
          a. God doesn’t heal (He can but those gifts ceased with the early church)
          b. God always heals (if He doesn’t it’s because of lack of faith or sin)
          c. God’s response to healing is always Yes or Not Yet (God can heal now, later or in eternity)

Heaven: As we step out in faith we can see heaven on earth through healing
- Walk More/Talk Less: we don’t ask God’s subjective will, we call to His objective character. Often we can think it is our job to know what God will do. We are simply called to pray and keep on knocking. No matter the outcome, let’s keep knocking.
- Faith is a factor: Capernaum was a hotbed for the miraculous (doesn’t mean they all happened). We need to cultivate a spirit of Capernaum

3. Read Mark 5/6 and spend some time discussing how we can be more like Capernaum

How to Pray for someone who needs healing:
          a. Ask for their name
          b. Ask what they need healing for (there is power in our confession)
          c. Ask them to open their hands (external sign of internal state of our faith)
          d. Pray a simple prayer
          e. See if it is: Same, Better or Gone
          f. Give all the glory back to God no matter what
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