As an outward flow of our vision and mission, each year we give to tax-deductible projects that make an impact in our community and beyond.

Your generous giving enables the practical ways in which we reach out through these projects, which in turn brings the many inspiring stories of transformation that we see. The funds received through June constitute the majority of income received for the year in this area. Please consider how you can contribute to partner with us in these projects as we participate in God’s mission to see lives transformed.
Please consider how you can contribute to fund these projects:

Community Care World Impact Waverley Christian College

CityLife Community Care

CityLife Community Care is the response of our church to the growing needs of the people in our neighbourhood.
CityLife Community Care is a ‘FOR IMPACT” organisation striving to show the love of God to those around us and is the community response of our church. Our vision is to responsibly respond to the needs and concerns of disadvantaged individuals and families, who are going through tough times. We achieve this by walking alongside people, providing support, options, and assistance, to help them find solutions and pathways out of crisis.

For those struggling financially, we provide much needed healthy food, practical and financial assistance, referral, budgeting, and energy advocacy. We also offer support to the vulnerable and marginalised through connection groups and one-to-one mentoring. Our COACH, Kids Hope and Mummy & Me programs, empower people with life skills and parenting classes.
We have a team of 10 Counsellors, Psychologists and Allied health professionals. Where necessary we subsidise counselling, so that no one misses out on being able to access the help they need. We regularly engage children, youth, couples, and families faced with life challenges such as relationship concerns, mental health, grief, loss, addiction, and parenting issues.

Together with our volunteer team, in the last year we provided close to 4349 services to more than 800 local families (impacting more than 5000 people).

Our community are slowly finding our way out of the impact of COVID-19, but the silent effects such as loss of jobs and businesses, lack of food, family violence, isolation, relationship breakdown, mortgage stress, mental health concerns and anxiety are still very real to the people that we support.

Thank you for joining us in making a real difference in people’s lives. Your giving is tax deductible. Through your generous support and partnership, we will be able to impact generations and continue to reach out to people in need, blessing them with love, hope and tangible help, empowering people to thrive.

World Impact

CityLife World Impact has a goal to reach out and positively impact more than 500 new communities around the world by 2025. As part of this goal, the Kingdom Investment Fund helps to sustain the ongoing operation of various overseas projects.
In collaboration with our South Asia field partners, we have seen significant community development work in stopping sex trafficking.

For over 2,000 years, thousands of girls have been illegally forced into ritual sex slavery in this region. Girls are dedicated to the goddess in a marriage-like ceremony.

They are dedicated and ‘initiated’ without their consent. After reaching puberty she becomes the property of the village and can be used by any man, anywhere, anytime; and is trapped in a life of sexual servitude. It is estimated that there are over 100,000 women who are trapped in this slavery. Sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS and ill-health are rife, mental health issues and depression are rampant and dignity is non-existent. They are stigmatised and abused physically, sexually, emotionally, and financially. Most are illiterate, struggle with substance abuse and live in extreme poverty.
Our team have identified that the practice is rampant in around 3,000 villages in Southern India. Our staff connect with several of these women, providing healthcare, vocational training and empowering them to leave the practice.

We are currently active in 240 villages, where we are seeing dedications decrease, and the women discovering dignity and hope,

They receive tailoring training, small business grants and other means of providing for their families.

Many of the women who were freed from the practice, through the efforts of our Field Partners, return to the villages and become our eyes and ears, connecting our team with at-risk girls; and helping other women to leave the practice. Your contribution to the Kingdom Investment Fund will enable our field partners continue their work in providing freedom to hundreds of women who are trapped in the cycle of sexual exploitation.

Waverley Christian College

Waverley Christian College is a school community where young people are challenged to develop an uncompromising faith in Jesus Christ and learn to grow in love for God and others.
The aim of the College is to provide students with the opportunity to participate in a vibrant learning environment, grow in knowledge and wisdom, and develop God-given gifts and abilities. The College has an enrolment of over 2,000 students across campuses at Wantirna South and Narre Warren South. A significant capital development program is required to meet the demands of the growing school community.

Our campus at Narre Warren South is now in its eleventh year of operation, and has almost 1000 students enrolled from Prep to Year 12. We continue to be encouraged by the growth of our second campus and the opportunities it is providing to extend Christian Education in one of Australia’s most rapidly developing municipalities. In 2021, construction of the final stage of the car park commenced. We have recently received planning approval for the installation of traffic signals at the intersection of Narre Warren – Cranbourne Road and Lansell Close, with works anticipated to commence in Term 3.
Planning is well underway for the construction of a Junior Secondary building at Narre Warren South with works planned to commence in early 2023. The two-storey building will provide general learning areas for students Years 7 to 9, along with breakout spaces, specialist music classrooms, learning support classrooms, and staff spaces. It is anticipated that the project will cost around $11 million.

Construction of the three-storey North Wing at our Wantirna South campus commenced early in 2021. The new building provides, at ground level, a Reception and Admissions area and a Food Studies / Cafe precinct; a second level containing eight new Primary classrooms and associated breakout spaces and; a third level consisting of Administration and Staff services.

Progress on the building has been slowed by industry lockdowns, and materials and labour shortages. Nevertheless, the project nears completion, with occupation anticipated in August this year.

Planning for a new Senior Secondary building at Wantirna South is currently being finalized. Once the North Wing project has been completed, the existing single storey Secondary Wing will be demolished to make way for a new two-storey Senior Secondary building which will provide classrooms, senior student study areas, social spaces, links to the library and oval, and staff spaces. It is anticipated that the total cost for this project will be around $13 million.
Our College Captains Write
"In 2022, with God’s help, we hope students will have a deep and enduring experience of Christian community at the College. We long to see students become passionate disciples of Jesus as they grow in their faith and have practical opportunities to serve and come together as a whole school, which is a real blessing. We want to make the most of our gatherings this year by creating shared experiences among all members of the College. Our hope is that every student has the opportunity to explore a relationship with God and discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. We want to create an environment that encourages students to be like Jesus (1 John 4:17)."
Jirah Botross and Matthew Higgins
College Captains - Wantirna South Campus

Our goal for 2022 is to build a culture of fellowship at the College, through student to student, student to teacher, and College to community relationships. We aspire for this community to become one that mirrors the body of Christ (Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12). Each student has their own unique calling and abilities given by God, which can be used to further the Kingdom. We wish for the College to become a place where these giftings are realised and refined from a biblical understanding of how we are called to go out and make disciples of the communities we are in (Matthew 28). Our hearts are to disciple students both through the fostering of relationships and the academic ethos of the College, to foster God fearing and Christ modelling individuals.”
Teresa Che Ferry and Noah Tibballs-Wilson
College Captains - Narre Warren South Campus

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Kingdom Investment Fund is a Public Ancillary Fund with Deductible Gift Recipient Status which has CityLife Church Inc as the sole Trustee.

If you have any queries about the Outreach Projects funded by the Kingdom Investment Fund, please feel free to ask via email Tax receipts for gifts received over the course of a financial year will be issued at the end of the financial year.
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