September - Springtime Bingo Challenge

Every week in September, three easy steps to complete this challenge!
  • Watch our Kids Connect videos
  • Read the bible story or passage shared in the videos.
  • Download & print the appropriate Bingo for your age.
  • As you learn about the true stories in the Bible each week, cross out the words to see if you can get every word in our September Bingo Challenge!

Download the PDFs below

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School Holiday Joy - September Newsletter

Watch Video

26/27 September 2020
Anne, our wonderful Kids Pastor, introduces amazing Chelsea and Ramona and helps us learn how to make animal shadow puppets! This week’s story is all about being honest. Ramona shares how much God loves it when we always choose to tell the truth.

Turn up the volume because our delightful Manningham Worshippers will fill your home with joyous praise and worship for our wonderful amazing God!

This is our very last week for our Springtime Bingo! We can’t wait to see your completed Bingo! Post a photo in our Facebook Page!

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26/27 September 2020
Cathy, our lovely Kids Pastor, introduces her phenomenal Whittlesea crew - Rebekah, Olivia, Christie, Esther, Chloe, Theresa, Le Bron, Nancy, Tristan, Naa, Alissa, Jeanine, Micah, Susie, Danielle, Braydan, Khloee & Kathy who have done an amazing job retelling the sombre story of Ananias and Sapphira. Oh and their praise and worship will rock your house!

Attila shares a “Have you ever wondered?” tough question about communion. A challenge – email him your tough questions on

WOW! We’re in the last week of this super fun game! Show your Springtime Bingo by posting a photo of it in our Facebook Page.

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