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Acts of Kindness Your Story

Kindness is love in action. This powerful three-part series explores kindness from a three-dimensional perspective – upward, inward and outward. We will address questions like “Is God kind?” and challenge followers of Jesus to see our neighbours not just as other people, but as God sees them.

Jesus said, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:34-35)

As a church we take this command very seriously and we are encouraging everyone to engage in an act of kindness daily. Would you join us in the 2,000 acts of kindness in 21 days challenge? We look forward to hearing stories of how simple acts of kindness can change the lives of others and you might even start to see a change in your own personal life as a result.

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2,000 Acts of Kindness in 21 Days

Starts 5 November


Acts have been reported so far
Pay it Forward with Coffee
Buy or make someone their morning/afternoon coffee/tea/hot chocolate! A simple act that will most certainly make someone’s day.
Send Flowers or Chocolates to a Friend
A thoughtful 'just because' gift is all it takes to brighten someone's day.
Wheel Out Your Neighbor's Trash Bin
It's the neighbourly thing to do.
Sign up to Give Blood
It only takes an hour to donate blood but it's a life-giving gift that will last a lifetime.
Offer Someone to Do a Laundry
Sharing the load makes chores easier to bear.
Send an Encouraging Email
A sweet and simple way to boost someone’s spirits is by sending good vibes to their inbox.
Pick a Star
Extend the joy of Christmas to someone in need. Check out Pick a Star.
Be Your Own Secret Admirer
Be kind to yourself with simple reminders that you are wonderfully made (Palms 139:14).
Fill Social Media with Positive Messages
Share a bible verse or positive story or uplifting song or tag a friend and show them how much you appreciate them.
Volunteer With an Outreach Organisation
Do good and maybe even make some new friends along the way!
Kids Off Nauru
Sometimes your act of kindness will change the life of someone you may never meet. Find out more and sign the petition
Be a Friendly Diner
Send Dessert to Another Table, but don’t be creepy though!
Let Someone Merge Into Your Lane
Do it with a smile and even if they don’t deserve it
Say I love you!
Words matter. Tell someone you haven’t told in a while, I love you!
Serve Together
As a Life Group, identify someone in need and lend a hand.
Sibling Love
Tell a sibling how much you appreciate them!
Take time to today to ask someone, are you ok?
Bring Positive Vibes to The Workplace
Compliment someone to their boss!
So Many Other Ways to Show Kindness
Done a kind act that’s not on our suggested list? Click here to be added to the count and share your ideas with us below!
Your Story
We're always looking for stories to inspire and help encourage more people to get involved. Share with us how your act of kindness has impacted someone (or yourself).

Some Submitted Stories

Hadn't seen my elderly neighbors for 3 weeks. They went on a cruise, but Allen hurt his back while carrying suitcases. I cut their front lawn and nature strip. They were so grateful.
This month's theme of Random Acts of Kindness brings back fond memories of the time my two children and I went on a mission to do "37 random acts of kindness" on my 37th birthday. The acts of kindness not only impacted the people we wanted to show kindness too, but it also impacted the hearts of my children who witnessed first-hand the joy that comes from blessing others. Truly it is more blessed to give than to receive!
Bought a CD for an acquaintance who wanted to buy but didn't have cash on her. She was super grateful & it is such a blessing to give.
Told a young girl working at the Woolies register that she’s doing an awesome job:-)
My elderly neighbour struggles a bit so i take care of her bins and lawn with a good old chit chat.
I rang my uncle who lives overseas who tends to get lonely and had a lovely chat with him. At the end of the conversation he thanked me for calling.
Purchased groceries for someone who is struggling to feed their family.
Purchased a book for someone which will help the grow in their walk with God.
Contributed to paying a bill for someone.
Paid for someone's lunch.
My elderly neighbour recently had operation. I decided to help him to mow his lawn. He is so happy.
A good friend of mine just got out from jail he did 5 years with his cousin. Now I never knew his cousin and I connected with him on Facebook, as the time went I used to drop a few lines to him and ask how is he going, how are you feeling and he started to open up to me, telling me he was very depressed and he had no car, no job and was struggling. This was an opportunity for God to step in. I had a second hand car in my drive way not registered, I told him I would help him by giving my car to him to get him back on his feet. I got a road worthy ticket for it and registered it straight into his name when I gave him the car I brought him a brand new bible which I gave him also and asked him to one day read it. Now we got him a mobile and just last week I hooked him up with a friend of mine and got him a job. He is lost for words. He can not tell me how grateful he is as nobody would help him. He felt helpless and still can't believe how I went out of my way to pay for everything and get him on his feet. It just goes to show how the love of Jesus can flow through our lives if we allow it.
A family took in a friend of mine who's lease was running out and had nowhere to live.
A friend went to my sisters house to help her when her garage flooded on Cup day.
People have donated me furniture for my new house.
My mother has been calling people who are sick and taking them out for lunch, more intentionally than usual.
Every year I volunteer with Southern Cross Kids’ Camp (SCKC) Knox. SCKC is national not-for-profit that provides camps for children who have suffered neglect or abuse. The camps have a marvellous impact on the children who attend, their carers who get a well deserved break and the volunteers who work to make sure camp is a fabulous experience for the kids.
On last Saturday after 6pm church service, after Andrew Hill's sermon on kindness, my hubby and I invited two families from church to join our family for dinner at the restaurant. It was a surprise to them. They are happy and appreciated us so much for inviting them to dinner after church. During dinner, we all young and old (12 of us) had good time of sharing and catching up with life. Thanks God for His love, kindness, provision and blessings upon us. Praise the Lord!
I heard my cousin plan a divorce with his wife. I have chat with him, try to be there for him, hope can help or at least give encouraging positive thoughts.
Throughout the year our childrens’ primary school requires support in many ways and we always tried to help out as much as we can to serve the community. My wife and I were blessed to raise around $500 recently for the school fund raising and knowing people out there who cares and want to bless the school financially. Jeremy and Teresa
I caught up with a friend today and after riding we did breakie - went to pay but my friend paid the whole bill - a real blessing.
A man named Eric came up to one of our pastors on the weekend and donated a drum piece to the church. Apparently we didn't have this particular piece and were borrowing one because we didn't have budget to get a new one. We were very blessed by this!
I helped my sister to throw rubbish away when she littered.
Looked after 2 boys to let parents have a day out.
I just helped a blind lady with reading the bus timetable.
I had dinner at food court in Glen Waverley area. I also bought a cake from local bakery and gave it to the cleaning staff and mentioned that I appreciate what they do. She had a big smile, even at the end of the day. I feel so happy to be able to bless others.
Offered to help a single parent purchase and pick up all items on the 2019 school booklist for his son. Buying school books and stationery for the first time can be overwhelming and I hope to ease his load, physically and mentally.
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