Yes, big emotions are real! God created us with all sorts of emotions. Some are easier to manage with than others, but God wants to help us deal with how we feel. Kids Church has created an emotion series looking at a few big emotions that kids face today.

Did you know that kids who manage their emotions well fair better academically and socially. Of course, the opposite is true too. Kids Church aims to provide you with tools to help your kids navigate their world of feelings so they can thrive in everyday life.

Pre-School Primary

We are learning about Creation. In Preschool we learn how God made everything starting with what He made on Day One and Day Two. Let's learn more about our Creative God.
Lesson One: When I am sad...
Lesson Two: When I am scared...
Lesson Three: When I Am Mad...
Lesson Four: When I am Thankful

Big emotions are real! God created us with emotions and He was to help us to deal with them. Join us to learn how we can STOP-LOOK-LISTEN as we deal with how we feel.
Lesson One: Dealing with Emotions
Lesson Two: Feeling Lonely
Lesson Three: Wanting Perfection
Lesson Four: Free from Guilt
Lesson Five: Down in the Dumps
Lesson Six: Worrying Too Much
Lesson Seven: Controlling Anger
Lesson Eight: Being Thankful
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