If the Bible is about love why is there so much violence?
How do we know that the Bible is God’s message to us and not made up?
Is the Bible True?
Is the Bible still relevant today?
If Jesus can and wants to heal why doesn’t he sometimes?
Why did God allow Covid-19?
Do we continue to pray for healing even though it seems that God is not answering?
How to read the Bible – SOAP
The importance of Reading the Bible in Context
How do we know the Bible is Real Part 2 – The Meticulous Scribes
Who Wrote Genesis?
Will there be Animals in Heaven or do they have their Heaven? What about Pets?
Why Does God Create a New Earth when we have all that we need in Heaven?
Armour of God - The Roman Armour

Five Tough Questions
Is eating beef and chicken in the Bible?
How did God create Himself?
How many times can I get water baptised?
As God’s son how did Jesus grow up?
Does God have a dad?

Seven Tough Questions
Why does God stay in heaven?
Why is the Easter bunny and eggs associated with Easter?
How old is the Bible?
How many versions of the Bible do we have?
What caused people to kill others in the Bible?
What is the Great Tribulation?
How many brothers and sisters did Jesus have?

Tough Questions About the Man Born Blind in John 9:1-12
If Jesus can walk on water can he swim on land?
Why was the man born blind?
Why did Jesus spit on the ground and make mud to heal him?
Is Jesus’s spit magic?
Why couldn’t Jesus just have spoken to heal the man?

Tough Questions About Heaven and God
What does heaven look like?
When will Jesus come back?
What will the new earth look like?
Is heaven big?
How do we get to heaven?
What does hell look like?
How big is God?
How did God make the universe?
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